Friday, July 16, 2010

Email Facebook were Spam Recently
I got spams on my facebook posts last Monday. It was very weird and a first for me. I got 12 messages from facebook for notifications of my friends, 4 of them, commented on my posts the day before. But when I checked on it on my facebook page, there were none of it. It's like, they commented on my post but then deleted it. I'd still receive notification right?

email notification from facebook was spam
So here goes. I posted stuff via my Formspring and my Twitter. It was nothing, about my Word count tool for counting words in articles and some answers from Formspring.

I started getting these at 1.14am on my post of 1.08am, the first one to be commented on. The last one was 1.24am on my post of 12.55am.

Here are the comments that I got. In chronologic order;

"Can you people tell how is this happening?"
"Have a look at this"
"Have a look at this"
"I doubt you love this."
"Can you people tell how is this happening?"
"I doubt you love this."
"This might be interesting"
"Is this really you?"
"Looking for some fun?"
"This is really amazing."
"Ask it from the Cat"
"Hey, check this out"

I googled about these two- askthecat and havealook. There is askthecat, but not on facebook, don't know if these are the ones who spammed my friends on commenting on my posts. Havealook, doesn't exist either. Both apps don't exist. Meaning, spams.

Searched about it and found this article on it's help site. Nothing much I can do here except for telling them about it.

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