Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Car Repair in KK: Car Wiring, Air Conditioner in Kota Kinabalu
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Cheaper car wiring, electrical and air-cond service.

Do you live in KK/ nearby areas (Penampang, Inanam, Sepanggar, Menggatal, Luyang, Foh Sang, Petagas, Putatan, etc) and always find yourself wondering why your car's air conditioner is hot? It's late at night/ you can't get yourself to car workshops but you need to get your car fixed? Fret no more!

Call Roger at 016-802 8322 right now and have a peace of mind as your car gets fixed, anywhere, anytime!

He worked as a Car Wiring and Air Conditioner Senior Technician in Inanam and slowly did solo part-time since July 2010. After 5 years working, he's doing his own business now where he's giving you customers the convenience of - calling him anytime even at night to check on your car - anywhere!! I think he's a good car technician in Kota Kinabalu as he gets tips all the time for his superb, well-done jobs from customers last time.

You can call at anytime, anywhere, any day of the week. Tell him your problem and maybe on the spot or after looking at your car he'll tell you the estimated time to finish the job and how much the overall cost is, including replacing car parts, in details. He offers lower price than workshops because he doesn't have to pay for monthly rents, workers and bills.

The parts that he sells are from legitimate parties, original and he's so confident on doing his job that he offers a 100% GUARANTEE after fixing your car, period differs from weeks to several months, depending on what service or what part he sold to you.

Save Roger 016-802 8322 on you phone now and feel free to call him or when you're in trouble on the road with your car. =)

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  1. G.morning boss...my younger son are using myvi...the problem arise was the fog light,rear lamp does not light when on,only the main light is ok and its sometimes affect the function of the aircon...can i get early advise from your great expertise.tyvm


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