Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yahoo Answers: Sex and Marriage
I'm so proud. Very. Not proud, I mean, flattered, I feel like people still do still appreaciate abstinence before marriage. =)

I answered this question on sex before marriage. Here are the questions:

Q: If you waited until marriage to have sex, how much longer would you have waited had you NOT gotten married?
A: I'll wait until I'm certain I'm not gona be married-god forbid, which I think, isn't going to happen.

Q: Or if you are waiting until marriage to have sex, how long are you prepared to wait?
A: I'm prepared to wait until I get a wedding ring on my finger, no matter how long it takes.

Q: Were you prepared (or are you prepared) to wait until well into your 30s or 40s to have sex, if it had taken (or if it takes) you that long to get married?
A: Yes I will, god forbid, again.

Q: Were you (or are you) quite confident that you would be (or will get) married before then?
A: Yes I will.

Q: What if you had NEVER gotten (or if you NEVER get) married; would you have died (or will you die) a virgin?
A: It all depends how I think later. I'm so glad you only have 5 questions.

I sent a thank you message after that. =) He gave me a full 5 star! ^^ He's Australian by the way.

Shine on,


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