Monday, June 7, 2010

Yahoo Answer: Abuse in the Family
Another friend in distress. It's about Jill's mother having an internet-real-life boyfriend in her home and he's every child's nightmare.

Her story..

Is this abuse or not it feels bad :(?
my moms boyfriend is crazy !!!! he makes my mom sad and he went to jail but that dosen't matter then i was having a sleepover at my house with my cousin ...then we went to the kitchen the kitchen is next to the living room duhh and he was saying im sleeping go inside!!!!!! in a mean voice then i said ok whatever :S i was confused then we wanted to go to my moms room but he keeps opening the door even when its locked he puts a sharp needle in the door theres a hole you put it in :S then it opens and i was trying to put something in its like a smooth cloth and its kinda like a garbage bag but small i put that in but i couldn't finish it then he GOT angery because idk whyy !!! he called us go to your room!!!!!! sleep !! THEN I SAID i dont wanna sleep duhh and he said stupid people !!!! but he said in turkish so if i say it in turkish it sounds really bad like imagine someone is cursing at you saying u F@@@ u .....u feel bad and u wanna kick him i just wanna know if its abuse or not its kinda creepy having that dude is a stranger my mom founded that guy in the internet that guy is phsyco !!!!!!!!!! his eyes roll everday its because of the car accsident but its kinda creepy seeing that face its always angery trust me i have to go to my school physcologist because of that dude !!!! he cant say that to me i need helpp this dude is not normal ....well is it abuse or not i feel like its a mega!!! big!!! super!!! abuse my real father didnt even do that to me then it means that he cant even say dumb to me and my cousin i got yelled at my mom because of him he is a pain in my head when i hear his voice i feel like punching him and choking him because he stares at me and in a angery wayy abuse or not!!

My answer was,

Oh my. Sorry to hear your story. You should go to NGO's that deal with domestic violence, child abuse or something. A parent shouldn't do that to her child, he (you) has his right to live in peace and your mom sounds irresponsible.
Her mother wasn't protective to her child as EVERY mother should be. She should care for her and treat her like a child, not like a dog. She's also being irresponsible by meeting somebody up on the internet and lets him do whatever he wants. Going to NGO's will do it.

I wonder why your school psychologist hasn't solve your problem yet. He should've tell you to do something instread of listening only.

This puzzled me. She goes to the psycho doctor and still hasn't helped her solve her problem. Geez. The school should fire him/her.

She said, "thanks :) i feel better now :))))" and gave me 5 stars. I'm glad she does. Poor thing, can't imagine living in a house like that, and a family like that. Makes me grateful for the family I have now. =)

Shine on,


  1. punya kasian the girl... i hope she's okay.

  2. There are a lot of Family and relationship/dating problems in Canada you know. xD I get like, 48 minutes ago, 15 minutes ago questions. Means balik2 ada soalan baru ni orang post sana.

  3. she lived in canada? woah~ so many ppl have troubles/dilemmas.

  4. Itu la. They have the most in that section, of all the countries I go help... =p


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