Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tg Aru Beach Sabah has 3 Restaurants!
Just now I had dinner with my other half at Tg. Aru beach. =) I didn't expect to see first beach Tg. Aru's website you know. xD And guess what, I didn't even know there are 3 restaurants! xD My God how ignorant I am. I mean, I don't see sigboards, stating that they exist, you know??

tg aru beach sabah food has 3 restaurants

Seriously, I thought the place (the restaurants upfront) are expensive and seafood with all the the high class stuff, but no! First Beach Cafe's menu isn't so 'scary'! They have local food too, such as nasi lemak, mee mamak, singapore fried meehoon, western food and a whole lot of appetizers, soups, snacks, burgers, pizza, desert, pasta, alcoholic drinks, normal drinks like coffee, iced lemon tea and juices and shakes! How cool is that?! To think that I just simply walk past these place everytime! xD I know, for those who've been there and ate there, you'll think I'm so sakai. xD

tg aru beach sabah food has 3 restaurants
Next is Tanjung Aru Seafood Restaurang. So the stage that faces the sea is theirs..=p Okay their menu lives up to it's name- all seafood!

tg aru beach sabah food has 3 restaurants

The third one is The Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant. Nice name. This one looks more executive and polished. I think, based on their promotion (which was valid till the year 2008), they serve everything, western and local food. Their menu page isn't viewable.

So...yeah, I'm still shocked to learn these are restaurants, like, official ones, with logos and even a website! How come?? I get the point. Pretty embarrassed to learn this too, like, hellooo, kau orang KK tapi ndatau pasal ni?? Haiyaa....apa mcm ni...I hope I'd be able to digest this info when tomorrow comes... xD

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