Monday, June 21, 2010

Search for Work Update
I went job hunting today! xD I went to 2 shops in Lintas. Saw my senior, Cabrine at one of the shops! xD I was just on the front door and like saw her saw me. xD What a surprise! It's been a while since I last saw her.

The first shop I went to, at first they were very particular about their employees being a person with no IC. Which, I understand very well, they run a hair/nail salon. When I came, the lady interviewed me. She became very friendly and nice to me. I'll meet the boss this Saturday. Seeing the lady's reaction and all, I think I'll get the job too.

Then I saw the second shop, which I just saw there at that time. So I thought, "heck, why not? I'm already here." So I went and saw Cabbie there. =p The boss was doing her, which I thought, wow. That's a good boss. She goes down the field too.

It turned out that I'm not the first Rozsallian to go there. There were other students who came there before me and boy did the owner told me how bad they were. And yes, the story was very bad, very shameful. I mean, I'm from Rozsall too, imagine how embarrassing I was.

I got the job, I mean, I get to be tested first. =p I can start tomorrow, but I think I wana wait for the outcomes of the other shops..I'll tell her tomorrow. =) They seem good, I mean, the employees wore uniforms and the place looks amazing.

search work job update hunt kota kinabalu de nail centre point
Called de Nail at Centre Point. The owner would be coming down to her shop tomorrow and I'll know how my application will be. =)

So I guess I'll wait till next week. =) I gotta enjoy my last week of long holiday!! This week it is! Cheers to new job, stress (hopefully not, but I know it's inevitable) and lots of new friends!

Shine on,


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