Saturday, June 5, 2010

Review Movie: The Bounty Hunter
review movie the bounty hunter

I watched The Bounty Hunter at Centre Point. We went to the Cinema 3, boy, seriously, there were countable people in there, or more likely, couples. I think like, 4-5 only there, including us. xD Very weird.

The movie started with Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) chasing after Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston) and jumped on her like a tiger. Scene was set to...24/48 hours before. That was different, like, movies don't do that. Well most of it. Makes it catchy and made me more interested- why he was chasing after her? Why was she in the trunk? Why was she running from him?

Turned out Milo was doing his job as a bounty hunter. Somebody gave him the task to take in Nicole to jail for $5,000. That's a lot. The big thing is, they were husband and wife and she was a reporter that's near to breaking a murder case.

When he finally got her, they were chased and got to know each other again in the process. There were car chases, romantic candle light dinner, shooting guns, running after one another, Nicole nearly being tattooed on, handcuffs, trust in friendship and of course, love.

I really thought the friend who's in the police, was the one who's backstabbing them. Turned out I wasn't. xD Nicole was the one who got suspicious, Milo was being defensive for their dear friend.

Lots of action, I think it's a romantic-comedy-action movie. Couples are the most suitable to see it, kids under 18, not so. There were some scenes not suitable for very young eyes. =)

I rate it 8/10!

Here's their trailer!

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