Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Last Day Together
Hi all.'s been, exhausting. Hehe, again, like I said it in Facebook. Today, is the last day that the D&D (Denise & Delilah) will be together, with Cher, before woman and Cher depart. Womb will be going back to her home, Cher will be in I'll still be here, 100% till raya. xD

We went to Borneo Tribe (Damai) for lunch. Womb and I ordered the same dish, Nasi Goreng Borneo Tribe, something like that. =p Cher wantan ho seafood. It girlfriends hanging out, no formality anymore. xD

Womb went first, she had to meet some more people before she goes off tomorrow. When she left, I felt so alone. Well, Sa is in Perak studying her my two close friends are going away too! >.< I feel so lonely now. Yeah sure I have other friends but they're the close ones..I know, I sound like I need to go out more. xD

So anyway, I felt so lonely and I text her not to go. xD She told me she'll be back here in 2 weeks talk talk...I finally got the hang of it. Well, Cher, our farewell was carrying her stuff to the back of her car. In a big box, we carried it from the first floor to the ground floor and to her car. All my muscles, thanks to hiking and the awesome gyms, worked their part and didn't let the box hit my toes. xD

I was practically sweating when I got the box into her car's trunk and I jokingly told her, "Cher, I think I won't cry this time la aa.." She said, "Ya, no need to keluar air mata, sudah keluar peluh dy." xD

I'm gona miss all of them...>.< Now it's time for me to get a job. I feel useless staying at home, have lunch with hun, go gym or badminton at night, taking care of my kittens, wash a housewife! xD

I miss all the work stress and work itself! I know I'll regret saying this...xD And I know I'll miss being a housewife when I got a job alrady. xD Susah kan?

Then after academy, went to Tuaran to visit my grandma. Not my REAL one, my late grandma's brother's wife. =p She had a stroke last night and guess what, I dreamt of my late grandma the night before (malam jumaat). It wasn't a good dream. Creepy.

Shine on,


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