Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Cat in the House!
new cat ni the house 2010

We had another addition to our family yesterday! Dad found him just near our house, wailing under the rain in a cold 2-am morning. Gila kan? Whoever left him there is crazy and heartless.

I, woke up early, VERY EARLY that day- 5am, to study and all. I came down and saw mom's purple sweatshirt on the floor, them both on top, bitting each other heads's off, only Snowy was a lot bigger. xD

One thing you'll notice first about the kitty is that it has very big, round eyes. He has a pink nose too! That's the cute thing about him! And he loves lying on my lap, sleeping, and Snowy will be on him, biting his tail and kicking his backside. xD
Sometimes Bensi wails so much I had to stop his legs from kicking. Or separate them. It's like being a mother already man, taking care of 2 small children, feeding them, make sure they don't kill each other.

new cat ni the house 2010

Now Bingkuk (Snowy's other name) won't feel lonely anymore. And we all can now breathe a sigh of relief that our body parts won't be bitten off my Snowy's teeth again. Or torn by his claws. =)

Oh I have to train Bensi on potty too. But I think he'll be good at it, since he has his big brother to teach him later on. =) I hope. Please la. If not sure mom will marah again.

Shine on,


  1. Aww~ cute kitten. kitten keep on coming knocking at your door. who named him?

  2. xD thanks lenn...itu la, bagus feng shui mebe my house. xD

    Mom..guess what dad wana call him? I dunno he was joking ka apa, but he said Pungut. xD

  3. hahaha~ pungut? what a name~ but bensi is better.

  4. =p u know la my dad~ It was actually Black & white, den became B&C, then make it casual/senang cakap, panggil Bensi. xD Now my mom wana change to Benji, Bensi sounds like a girl. Aaaah I dun care, suda panggil Bensi2, nanti tukar nama pening c kawan.


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