Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Cat Health Update
I'm a happy momma now! Snowy's got his voice back! Ohhhh thank you so much SAMC! Before he was like, he can still like, talk, but like, the throat is blocking the voice to come out. It's like, making a sound while chocking yourself, where the air passage is blocked. Just now while they were asking for breakfast, Snowy was super loud, he was his old self again!

my cat sent to the vet SAMC sabah animal medical center
But I have this worry, his upper lip is red again! Not the pale pinkish upper lip like yesterday after the vet...this kinda worries me, again.

Well, I'm thinking of giving Snowy the medicine after his lunch, which about 30 minutes more. =) I hope he can take it, it's not so much to be given per session, just a quarter of the tablet. =)

my cat sent to the vet SAMC sabah animal medical center

Snowy and Bensi playing....on my newly-dried clothes...xD He's pretty much himself, still..I hope the redness will go away..

Shine on,


  1. Hi

    My name is Anessa, and my cat looks like he has something similar to your cat. I'm not sure if he got Ito a fight and the other cat scratched him on the upper lip which made it irritated, or something serious has happened. If you could tell me what actually happened, and what it's called? Or any information that can help me find out what it is. Please reply to me on

    1. Hey there! Sorry took long to reply. I don't really remember what was it as it's been 7 year now..but he was healed soon after I posted this article! =D


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