Malaysia: The Body Shop, MNS to Save Temengor

June 09, 2010

Hi all. Yesterday I signed the petitiion on saving Temengor. This is to include the Temengor rainforest for preservation and so they need people's votes.

I read the whole thing and saw that they need our IC numbers too. Which, I didn't see previous signers do. Aaaah what a waste..after I mentioned about it, then the rest did the right way. Phew..

They parnered with MNS and several more companies/organizations such as;

Belum-Temengor NGO Coalition
BirdLife International
BT Celebrity Ambassadors (Amir Yusoff, Joanna Bessey, Lina Teoh, Shamser Sidhu)
Citigroup Foundation
Department of Wildlife & National Parks, Perak
Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund
European Union (European Commission to Malaysia)
Forestry Department, Peninsular Malaysia
Forestry Department, Perak
Novista Sdn Bhd
Ogilvy & Mather
Perak State government
Remembering Sheena Campaign
Sime Plantations Sdn Bhd
The BodyShop (West Malaysia)
The BodyShop Foundation
The Netherlands Embassy
TGV Cinemas Malaysia
YTL Corporation

And many many more indviduals and members.

For queries or contributions regarding the MNS Belum-Temengor Conservation Initiative, write to

Shine on,

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