Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Health: Snowy is Sick!
My baby's having a problem! Health problem I assume. Snowy, yesterday, was having this....uncontrollable feat of saliva all over his mouth, or so I think it was his saliva.

I saw it at about 4pm yesterday and I thought it was just water. I didn't smell it. At night, I noticed that this 'water' went up to his cheeks where his whiskers grows out from. And I like, came up closer and smelt it. Gee it was fishy. Seriously fishy. I wiped that off his mouth.

Then I frowned, thinking. So this afternoon wasn't water. It was this. Is he sick?? I realized then that he hadn't been playing like he used to everyday. I see him sleeping more than playing. And that for the first time, Bensi was the one who pounces, not Snowy. And Snowy showed little reaction when he does and didn't make Bensi cry out while having their brotherly fight. This made me worrier. I cried! xD

Today, I see a bit of improvement on Snowy. He played a bit with Bensi, but still didn't make Bensi cry. I know it's crazy to want to make your kitty cry out of hurt but that's normal between my two kittens, and Snowy still didn't do that...

They're both sleeping on my lap now, as I type. I think....if I have time later, I'll bring Snowy to the vet. I'm thinking Sabah Animal Medical Centre at Luyang there, no other place that I know. =p I don't really exactly know where it is either, this would be my first. =p

health sick snowy cat
Snowy a month ago. Boy you should've seen him now, he's bigger, cuter, rounder eyes and face!

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