Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cute Moment at Tg Aru Beach
love cute moment at tg aru beach sabah

I went to have dinner with my guy just now at First Beach Tg Aru I just discovered that it has three restaurants when I googled for it!

Back to the story, I ordered keropok lekor only, since mom told me she'll buy KFC for dinner. That's the reason we were there- LEKOR. xD He ordered Penang Kway Teow and a large avocado juice.

Lekor was good, I ordered from the one that sells lekor in packets that. RM1 for 6 pieces. I got RM5 and it wasn't enough. But when I saw the avocado juice, terus tidak jadi. It was huge!! The largest plastic mug I've ever seen! It's like, the height of a human forearm and it's width is humongous! Like, a mee soup bowl's width! I swear!

The penang kway teow wasn't spicy, it was served with a prawn paste, which, went devil-liciously (this word just popped in my head as I type) good with the lekor! The kway teow had oysters too, prawns were here and there, nice nice. RM6 well-served. The avocado was RM10, which is expensive in my opinion. But it tasted more like avocado ONLY, rather than avocado with condensed milk. Ok la...

Here's the thing I wana tell! I found out something very cute about my guy just now, as we were eating. ^^ He said to me, "Okay let's finish this juice now, no tapau2 (take away) it. Kalau nda, kita nda dapat kawin tu." (if not, we won't be able to get married in the future) Den I was like, "Eeeeleh main begitu dia." (*teasing, so that's how you play it.) He was like, "of course, everytime I'm doing something, I'd tell to myself, say, the gym. I wana do 5 reps on lifting weight, and I'll tell to myself that if I don't do it, I won't be able to marry you. I always do it, while working, while doing my chores..and I always get it done alas." There went his cute smile.

I was touched. So touched! I fell for him allover again . Like, I'm the reason he keeps on moving, I'm the reason he's still breathing, he's still going to the gym, working, etc. xD

I love him..

That's all for now, till next post! Have a good night everybody!

Shine on,


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