Friday, June 25, 2010

Cat Update: Good News for My Pet!
I wana update on my cat, Snowy A.K.A. Bingkuk. He's been sick since Tuesday and I sent him for his first shot at Sabah Animal Medical Centre yesterday.

I had to send him for another 3 sessions (if I'm not mistaken), but then when I got there, alas, the doctor said he doesn't need those injections anymore! Wohoo! Thank god for Snowy.

I told the doctor that Snowy's been himself last night where he got his first injection. I kept on smiling macam orang gila myself whenever I see him playing and jumping and running with Bensi.

So the doctor said no more injections, she prescribed 2 types of medicines to take, along with 3 syringes, so cute! xD I hope no more visits to the vet..Allah has answered my prayer! Syukur alhamdulillah...

my cat sent to vet SAMC sabah animal medical center

His red lip thingy that I showed here isn't so red anymore, it's pretty much like Bensi's paws's color, pinkish pale-like. =3

Snowy was sooo scared when I got him into the car, again, for the second time in his life just now. So cute, he climbed over me when I was driving, he wanted to see the view instead of seeing the sky and electric post when he's sitting on the seat..When I went out to fill up gas, he crouched on the leg area. When he saw that it was me who came in, then only he came out. So clever...all the cat food's goodies are kickin in huh? xD

my cat sent to vet SAMC sabah animal medical center

This is he when he was in the car. On my yellow handbag. =p He was scared really. xD

Well...cheers to his health! Kitty's normal again! ^^

Shine on,


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