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Balancing between personal and business, I presently work as an Executive Assistant to the Group CEO of a multinational consortium right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Backed with years of experience working with the startup industry, multinational corporations and government agencies, I developed strong Corporate Administration skills whilst practising agile and being data-driven.

Coming from a humble background, I found solace in giving back to the community as a way of paying it forward by dividing my spare time with volunteer work.

Glamiva is the place for me to express my passion and knowledge sharing and I’m happy to spread message of positivity to as many people as possible.


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Malaysian grants such as MDEC’s SME Digitalisation and Cradle Fund’s CIP grants. Have secured over RM1.5mil worth of grants as of year 2020.

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Anything else such as staff payroll and statutory contributions, or matters with the bank, tax office, insurance, immigration, customs, etc.

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Review: Cat Food Name Qiut and Jolly Cat

Remember the time when I last went to the vet for my cat, Snowy? It was SAMC, luyang.

cat food review whiskas friskies qiut

There was an SAMC pet store just across the road next to it.I bought 3 more food for my cats in cans, wet ones that is. I saw 2 brands only that has food for kittens, Qiut and Jolly Cat. Funny thing is, I can't find their websites. It's like these two brands don't exist!

I got two types from Qiut, Pilchard and Tuna Fish with Sasami Topping. On Jolly Cat, I got the one with Omega 3, Vitamins and Taurine. All three are manufactured in Thailand. I'm done with the Qiut Tuna Fish with Sasami Topping and Jolly Cat, Qiut Pilchard will be opened soon. =)

The Qiut Tuna Fish with Sasami Topping was very nice, the sasami topping was very interesting! Opened the can and there it was, some of it on top of the food. It was like fish snack, soft, long, thin ones. It doesn't have that orang-ey gel that makes the food bond together, like Whiskas or Friskies.

Jolly Cat was okay, it's super wet, as the nutritional info down below says, 85%! xD The orang-ey gel was made from plants! Can you believe that? Not sure what, but imagine, cats eating plants- a lot of it at once! xD

I can't wait to open the Qiut Pilchard can! Cats are loving them all so far, so no worries~

cat food review whiskas friskies qiut

Here's the nutritional info of the Qiuts, the Tuna Fish with Sasami Topping on the left side, Pilchard on the right side. I wondered, what is crude protein? It is an estimate of the total protein of a feed, can include true protein and other nitrogen containing substances such as ammonia, amino acids and nitrates. Guess pet food are healthier than us eyh? Tuna wins by 17% over 11%! xD And there's this Ash, it seems to be known to cause lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), which isn't so true. Ash is produced when the meat is cooked and the ash contains calcium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and other trace minerals. Moisture is higher in Pilchard than Tuna, but as in health-wise, I'd go for Tuna next time. =)

cat food review whiskas friskies qiut
Here's Jolly Cat's! It's moisture content is higher than Qiut Pilchard's, 85%! Protein still loses to Qiut Tuna's. So Qiut excels more for me.

Prices are RM5.30 for both Qiuts and RM4.40 for Jolly Cat. =3

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Post Advertisement: Learn Internet Marketing

I stumbled upon this great offer from The Secret Classroom. Internet marketing is the game and I'm sure everybody wants to make money while they're sleeping right?

You now have an opportunity to receive the Internet marketing education that can last a lifetime.

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Hold your breaths...

ad guest internet marketing
The Secret Classroom is the course that the Internet marketing community has been waiting for... even begging for! xD

I'm sure you've heard of Joel Comm's internet marketing reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire, and the The Secret Classroom which was 12 DVD product released soon after.

Well, Joel has now put all DVD's, workbooks and bonuses online in a private member's area and he's slashed the price to make it literally a no brainer for you to get instant access today.

You've undoubtedly heard of the legends who are a part of this 22-hour one of a kind event. They are;

Mark Joyner (the Godfather of Internet marketing!)
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Jeff Walker (responsible for more successful product launches than anyone else!)
Marlon Sanders (a living legend of online marketing!)
Ray Edwards (gets $10,000+ to write a sales letter!)
Dave Taylor (prolific blogger, author and speaker!)
Rich Schefren (the guru to the gurus!)
and many more!

You could pay thousands of dollars to attend a conference where SOME of these people are speaking but you will never find them all together teaching for up to two hours each!

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Now, for the first time..


..to Watch All 22 Hours ONLINE!

Check out the amazing intro video at

==> [http://bit.ly/9lvoWg]

and then take advantage of the lowest price ever for this incredible product.

I'm an affliate and haven't purchased this offer yet, I just discovered it like, 5 minutes ago! xD

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My Cat Health Update

I'm a happy momma now! Snowy's got his voice back! Ohhhh thank you so much SAMC! Before he was like, he can still like, talk, but like, the throat is blocking the voice to come out. It's like, making a sound while chocking yourself, where the air passage is blocked. Just now while they were asking for breakfast, Snowy was super loud, he was his old self again!

my cat sent to the vet SAMC sabah animal medical center
But I have this worry, his upper lip is red again! Not the pale pinkish upper lip like yesterday after the vet...this kinda worries me, again.

Well, I'm thinking of giving Snowy the medicine after his lunch, which is...in about 30 minutes more. =) I hope he can take it, it's not so much to be given per session, just a quarter of the tablet. =)

my cat sent to the vet SAMC sabah animal medical center

Snowy and Bensi playing....on my newly-dried clothes...xD He's pretty much himself, still..I hope the redness will go away..

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Cat Update: Good News for My Pet!

I wana update on my cat, Snowy A.K.A. Bingkuk. He's been sick since Tuesday and I sent him for his first shot at Sabah Animal Medical Centre yesterday.

I had to send him for another 3 sessions (if I'm not mistaken), but then when I got there, alas, the doctor said he doesn't need those injections anymore! Wohoo! Thank god for Snowy.

I told the doctor that Snowy's been himself last night where he got his first injection. I kept on smiling macam orang gila myself whenever I see him playing and jumping and running with Bensi.

So the doctor said no more injections, she prescribed 2 types of medicines to take, along with 3 syringes, so cute! xD I hope no more visits to the vet..Allah has answered my prayer! Syukur alhamdulillah...

my cat sent to vet SAMC sabah animal medical center

His red lip thingy that I showed here isn't so red anymore, it's pretty much like Bensi's paws's color, pinkish pale-like. =3

Snowy was sooo scared when I got him into the car, again, for the second time in his life just now. So cute, he climbed over me when I was driving, he wanted to see the view instead of seeing the sky and electric post when he's sitting on the seat..When I went out to fill up gas, he crouched on the leg area. When he saw that it was me who came in, then only he came out. So clever...all the cat food's goodies are kickin in huh? xD

my cat sent to vet SAMC sabah animal medical center

This is he when he was in the car. On my yellow handbag. =p He was scared really. xD

Well...cheers to his health! Kitty's normal again! ^^

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Love, Couple: Kim Kardashian is Dating Miles Austin!

love between kim kardashian and miles austin

It seems like Kim Kardashian has found a new male friend~ Miles Austin, a receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, has met Kim through friends at an L.A. restaurant and exchanged numbers several weeks ago.

It seems like they have met some more after that incident, but I think it will be the same story as Christiano Ronaldo's.

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Wedding in Moncao Soon!

wedding in monaco prince albert II and Charlene Wittstock

Prince Albert II of Monaco will marry South African former swimmer Charlene Wittstock!

No wedding date has been set, yet. This will be a first marriage for Monaco's monarch, who is the son of the late film star Grace Kelly and the late Rainer III, Prince of Monaco.

Congrats to both of you, I mean, your Highness and future queen of Monaco!

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Baby: Expect Another from Stella McCartney

pregnancy stella mccartney is expecting

Stella McCartney, daughter of Beatles's legend Paul McCartney, is expecting another baby!

Stella McCartney and husband Alasdhair Willis will be expecting their fourth child in late fall, a rep for the fashion designer confirms to Women’s Wear Daily.

The couple, who wed in 2003, are already parents to son Miller Alasdhair James, 5, daughter Bailey Linda Olwyn, 3½, and son Beckett Robert Lee, 2½.

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My Cat Went to The Vet

Sent my baby to the vet just now! Just got back, Snowy's pretty dizzy due to the injections.

my cat sent to SAMC sabah animal medical center

Snowy, the day before yesterday, started to have this smelly saliva (or so I think) around his mouth and I didn't realize about this, I thought it was just plain water.

So today I got to get him to the vet, SAMC (Sabah Animal Medical Center) here in Luyang. It's practically behind the Petronas station, 1-2 streets away. I never been there, never registered there. =p

There's a SAMC pet shop right next to it across the street now! How nice of it, very convenient. =)

When I arrived, Snowy directly felt the coldness of the room. He became scared, he crouched and I had to hold his hand/chest so that he doesn't run away. Registered him and I, then waited. It was like, 5 minutes and I was called in. The doctor is still young, about 25+ only. Snowy was soooo scared and shivered. The aircond was directly blowing down on him! xD Poor thing, I hugged him with my left hand and pressed him to my tummy.

The doctor said that he's got a virus. And now he has an ulcer because of it (the doctor opened his mouth and boy, it was like, nearly half of his tounge is infected!). She said it might've been long since he got it, but only now then he's showing symptoms. So the treatment would be injections. Oh lord you can't imagine how scared I was for him when I saw how long the injection was. Inches! xO And worse, there were 4 of it!

First two of the injections was okay, Snowy could take it. Then when the last 2 was given....he pretty much jumped, but the nurses hold him. My poor baby...And I have to take him back again for another series of the injections, 3 times if I'm not mistaken. Till Sunday then..

I asked if this will cure him, the doctor say it might, but some cases it might get worse. Oh lord...I hope he gets better...Allah please make Snowy better again...I want to see him playing and jumping again...

The advice given was only give him soft, wet food. Giving him dry food will be painful. No wonder he finished up the steamed fish I gave him for breakfast this morning! Usually, since he got the ulcer, he eats little. Like, half of the food he will normally take. Bensi will be the one who finishes it all. Poor Snowy...

my cat sent to SAMC sabah animal medical center

Snowy was pretty sleepy-looking right after the injection, in the car, he closed his eyes. When he got back home, here he is, sleeping quietly on his favourite playing post. xD

I sure hope he gets healthy again, I hate to see him miserable and sad now..

Yesterday, I searched for vet clinics in KK, pretty surprised to find out that there are like, 5 of it here! I thought SAMC is the only one! There's one in Penampang, Luyang and another in Taman Fu Yen if I'm not mistaken...

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Car Gift Rolls Royce from Khloe Kardashian to Lamar Odom

car gift rolls royce from khloe kardashian to lamar odom

Khloe Kardashian bought Lamar Odom a $400,000 Rolls Royce!! This is for his winning in the Lakers. What tha...

Still, it's very nice of her. Must be lovin her hubby very much eyh?

The picture above from yours truly, Perez Hilton, is so funny! xD

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Death in Korea for World Cup 2010

korea world cup 2010 fifa death at han river by yonhap news agency

Somebody died due to World Cup 2010. Can you believe it? I mean, not literally, but that's the reason this victim commited what he did, which lead to his death.

Lee (last name), a 20 year-old college student in Korea was died after jumping into the Han River with his 3 other friends after Korea's team in the World Cup advanced to the second round finals, Yonhap News Agency reported to the police.

Lee was rescued 15 minutes after leaping into the waters and taken to a hospital but died. How come he was the only victim here? Don't tell me he couldn't swim, please la.

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Blog Background: Beautiful Animation too!

I went to The Breezy's Cupcakes ♥'s blog yesterday and I notice that the love background was moving! I was stunned and pretty much fascinated by it. Seriously. I never see anything like that!

I clicked on it and it went to http://widgetindex-2.blogspot.com/. It seems like a malaysian blog, with loads of fun, cute, movable graphics and best of all, more of the moving backgrounds!

I just installed mine, the purple stars widget. I changed the url to the blog, hence for this post about the website to make up for it. =) I hope you guys don't mind, Widget Index people!

Thank you again Widget Index for the awesome widget!

Installing the widget is very simple (this is for Blogger), just go to Design, Page Elements, Add a Gadget, the click on HTML/JavaScript. Yes, this is just like adding another widget to your blog! You can go to the Design, Edit HTML tab but that would be tricky and I don't really know how to do that.

You may be not adding a title to the widget for it's just the background and it will confuse readers with just a, or maybe 1, or maybe just a dot.

Hence, no worries. If you have other widgets in that blog of yours, you can settle the problem. Just open any widget that you have, that you can edit the html code in. Then paste the code underneath/ above the widget code.

Note: The code given from Widget Index is only for one side of the blog, you need to paste twice the code, meaning, two pastes of the code into the widget's edit html.

You need to change the code a bit too, from right to left or left to right, top to bottom or bottom to top. It's very easy and just take like, 5 minutes to install it into your blog.

There are loads more fun stuff in there, like moving emoticons, even cute clocks! I don't know if the codes can be used on other blog platforms, but you can always try!

So wana beautify your blog? Go there! Have fun playing bloggers!

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US Fish Spa is Expensive

I saw this videao at http://funkynailart.co.za/ on Fish Spa.

Shocked to find out that it's priced at U$45 dollars!! That's like, paying for a fish spa here in KK at least 4 times! It's crazy. I don't know which shop they went to...but I think it's the average price there.

It seems that the Gara Rufa fish secretes an enzyme that is beneficial for the human skin. I just knew this!

I haven't get to try it, since the only fish spa I know here is in 1 B and I never see the shop itself. It's hidden, according to my friend. I mean, It's not visible if you're just lingering at the center of 1 B and not discovering the nooks and crooks of the floor.

Have you tried it? How was your experience? Would love to hear it!

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Health: Snowy is Sick!

My baby's having a problem! Health problem I assume. Snowy, yesterday, was having this....uncontrollable feat of saliva all over his mouth, or so I think it was his saliva.

I saw it at about 4pm yesterday and I thought it was just water. I didn't smell it. At night, I noticed that this 'water' went up to his cheeks where his whiskers grows out from. And I like, came up closer and smelt it. Gee it was fishy. Seriously fishy. I wiped that off his mouth.

Then I frowned, thinking. So this afternoon wasn't water. It was this. Is he sick?? I realized then that he hadn't been playing like he used to everyday. I see him sleeping more than playing. And that for the first time, Bensi was the one who pounces, not Snowy. And Snowy showed little reaction when he does and didn't make Bensi cry out while having their brotherly fight. This made me worrier. I cried! xD

Today, I see a bit of improvement on Snowy. He played a bit with Bensi, but still didn't make Bensi cry. I know it's crazy to want to make your kitty cry out of hurt but that's normal between my two kittens, and Snowy still didn't do that...

They're both sleeping on my lap now, as I type. I think....if I have time later, I'll bring Snowy to the vet. I'm thinking Sabah Animal Medical Centre at Luyang there, no other place that I know. =p I don't really exactly know where it is either, this would be my first. =p

health sick snowy cat
Snowy a month ago. Boy you should've seen him now, he's bigger, cuter, rounder eyes and face!

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Search for Work Update 2

Remember the job that I applied at de Nail yesterday? The owner messaged me that she'll call me tomorrow morning for an interview. =)

Well just have to see how things goes yeah? =D I messaged the Lintas owner where Cabbie was at yesterday. I informed her to give me till next week for me to decide where to work at. She said okay. =3

Can't wait for tomorrow! Oh yaaaa have to tell dad about this too! I wana take hun's car out again. xD

search work update 2 nail
Me during Ms Mary Jim's workshop

Shine on,

Search for Work Update

I went job hunting today! xD I went to 2 shops in Lintas. Saw my senior, Cabrine at one of the shops! xD I was just on the front door and like saw her saw me. xD What a surprise! It's been a while since I last saw her.

The first shop I went to, at first they were very particular about their employees being a person with no IC. Which, I understand very well, they run a hair/nail salon. When I came, the lady interviewed me. She became very friendly and nice to me. I'll meet the boss this Saturday. Seeing the lady's reaction and all, I think I'll get the job too.

Then I saw the second shop, which I just saw there at that time. So I thought, "heck, why not? I'm already here." So I went and saw Cabbie there. =p The boss was doing her, which I thought, wow. That's a good boss. She goes down the field too.

It turned out that I'm not the first Rozsallian to go there. There were other students who came there before me and boy did the owner told me how bad they were. And yes, the story was very bad, very shameful. I mean, I'm from Rozsall too, imagine how embarrassing I was.

I got the job, I mean, I get to be tested first. =p I can start tomorrow, but I think I wana wait for the outcomes of the other shops..I'll tell her tomorrow. =) They seem good, I mean, the employees wore uniforms and the place looks amazing.

search work job update hunt kota kinabalu de nail centre point
Called de Nail at Centre Point. The owner would be coming down to her shop tomorrow and I'll know how my application will be. =)

So I guess I'll wait till next week. =) I gotta enjoy my last week of long holiday!! This week it is! Cheers to new job, stress (hopefully not, but I know it's inevitable) and lots of new friends!

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Film: Japanese Film Festival 2010

japanese film festival 2010 at 1 utama mid valley gsc
Japanese Film Festival 2010 is happening this month and with more Japanese movies! Oooh I wish I can watch em all! Lucky you KL Japanese fans!

17 June 2010 till 21 June 2010
GSC Mid Valley and 1 Utama
RM5 per screening
03 2284 62289 (JFKL)

Movies lists:

japanese film festival 2010 at 1 utama mid valley gsc
Noriben: The Recipe of Fortune
Dear Doctor
Yamazakura: The Cherry Tree in the Hills
japanese film festival 2010 at 1 utama mid valley gsc
Dog in a Sidecar
One Million Yen Girl
The Summit: A Chronicle of Stones
Feel the Wind

japanese film festival 2010 at 1 utama mid valley gsc
5 Centimeters per Second

For screening schedule, visit GSC's website.

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Day Shop: 1 B for Burner

day shop 1 b pet burner essential oil

Hi all! Wana show you guys what I bought at Kaison, One Borneo recently! I bought the the Body Shop Essential Oil in Quiet Night recently and it was my first-bought essential oil, besides those for skin care. =p

I bought an essential oil burner, candles for the burner (can't use regular candles underneath the burner eyh?) and a dog brush. xD I know it's for dogs, but I just thought, Snowy and Bensi will love it, and they do! xD They purr whenever I brush on them! xD

day shop at 1 b burner essential oil

I love this owl, there were few other more choices, but it was all square and blah, not nice. Nothing interesting in them. When I laid my eyes on this one, I can imagine straight away how it will look with fire behind it in a black cold night. And that felt good. =)

And guess what? Each item in the shop is all RM5! How nice it is? Excluding small decorating/stationery stuff, I think the goods are reasonably priced. =)

I thought of Daiso which was there before Kaison, I wonder why they exist no more.. =/

Fifa World Cup 2010 at KL

fifa world cup 2010 at kl resorts world genting from timeout kl

There'll be an event, Game On to be held now, as you read this until 12 July 2010!

It’s already seen the elimination in qualification of hundreds of countries. Millions of people have seen their nations’ dreams go up in smoke. Now, as the 32 teams do battle in South Africa, Malaysian football supporters yearning for a piece of the action don’t have to travel all the way to Johannesburg’s Soccer City. Instead they can head up to Resorts World Genting for a celebration with a difference.

The legendary Liverpool striker, Ian Rush and renowned presenter and sexy soccerette Angie Wong would be there to comment live on the matches! The resort offers RM2 million in cash and prizes, including two Kia cars and a package trip to Africa including tickets to the grand final in Johannesburg on July 12. Wow!

There will also be limited edition Genting football fever merchandise and Limited Edition Official World Cup merchandise giveaways and sales. Maybe you'll just get lucky. =)

fifa world cup 2010 at kl resorts world genting from timeout kl
Of course, you will still be able to watch your favourite FIFA World Cup matches in the Arena of Stars' screens that measure a whopping 60’ x 25’ each!

Starts on 7.30pm, 10pm and 2.30am
11 June 2010 to 12 July 2010
website: http://www.rwgenting.com/gameon/index.htm

Psst...just the perfect excuse to not be bothered by anybody at home! xD

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Make Up Competition at Beauty10 Expo

make up competition malaysia 2010 at KL Convention Centre

There'll be a make up competition coming up on September!

make up competition malaysia 2010 at KL Convention Centre

Show your skills at their “Save Mother Earth” campaign at Makeup Malaysia 2010 and Nail Art Malaysia 2010 competitions! Rule is simple, use the 3R we always hear about-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Each contestant will get a certificate of participation and product prizes from sponsors!

Competition details;
19 September 2010, Sunday
KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Open category
“Save Mother Earth”, using 3R.

To enter, you'll need to pair up with one more individual to form a team. Fill out the registration form, photostate your IC's and ready RM200 registration fee for your group (RM100 for each person).

Winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will receive additional gifts! There will also be a Star Team Award and The Most Creative Award.

So academies, students, join this competition and make your teachers and colleagues proud!

Show about 1 Malaysia: 'Kita' The Musical

1 malaysia stage show

There's a 1 Malaysia show happening this June!

“KITA” The Musical projects the true vision of 1 Malaysia, a vision where all races live in harmony, embrace unity in diversity and strive for the progress and prosperity of the land we so endear.

“KITA” promises to be a memorable show for its audiences as they will be entertained at the highest level of performing arts, enthralled with the touching story, beautiful songs, spectacular and colorful stage designs as well as the inspiring performance by a strong multi-racial cast of 50.

1 malaysia stage show
Casts are;

Hafiz AF7 as Rahman
Eric Lin as Cheong
Michael Rao as Ganesh
Nas Adila as Ayu
Amy Wang as Chun Moi
Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan as Pak Hassan
Lim Cheng Hock as Chin SR
Sukania Venugopal as Grandma Naini

17th June till 27th June 2010
3pm & 8.30pm
Panggung Sari Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket price: RM288, RM188, RM148, RM108, RM88, RM38
Booking hotline: 603-7711 5000

It's selling like hot cakes now! Be quick! You can get discounts too!

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Armani Ad Features Megan Fox for Fall-Winter 2010-2011

ad armani emporio features megan fox

Megan Fox is the new face (well not so new) for the new Emporio Armani underwear ad for it's fall-winter 2010-2011 advertisement. She was wearing white-heart-and-black-lace bra and panty set.

Wish I can have that body..xD without the tattoo, that is...=p

I was thinking, maybe she should make the ad together with recently engaged again beau,Brian Austin Green, just like how Posh and Becks did in the fall 2009 Armani underwear campaign. =p

Shine on,

Update: My Love-Relationship Past

update relationship love bear

Hey guys! I wana post the update on My Love-Relationship Past post yesterday.

He actually replied. He, I don't know, maybe he got hit by a mule or something, he forgot everything!! We exchanged several messages already yesterday and it was.....urm, it was like, after he replied the first message I sent him, it was like, catching up between old friends already. xD

The first reply he sent was something like, hey he forgot about it all and he can't believe I still remember those days! xD He told me he was a player back then and it was a good thing that I and he didn't get together. It was nice that somebody liked him back then and stuff..He's a changed person now, so he said, and seems like it.

So okay, I guess, the matter's done. Officially. =) Phew. A lot of my friends praised me for doing it. Appreciate it all you guys .

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Update: Split Between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

update split betweem kristen stewart and robert pattinson

It seems like our Twilight stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart has broken up, several months ago!! Wow...to think that they came together to the MTV awards recently and he kissed her! Am I the only one who just found this out? xD

Life & Style can reveal that Rob broke things off with Kristen earlier this year. “When Rob was back in the U.K., he was totally fed up with Kristen and over it. He told her, ‘We’re done,’” an insider tells Life & Style. “Rob says she complains about everything and is such a downer. But when he meets up with her they start flirting again and get caught up in all the romance.”

Guess it's time for them to split. Kristen and Rob doesn't match up for me. I wonder how his singing career is doing by the way. =)

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Save Kinabatangan River Update

save kinabatangan river sabah malaysia

Yesterday I posted the news about the barges that are taking sand from the Kinabatangan River. Here's the update!

The state government has finally acted upon this issue, thank God for their fast action. It seems that the villagers have been complaining about it to them. Good thing they did it.

It is the Minister of Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment, Datuk Masidi Manjun himself, who did the immediate respond! He has ordered the director of Environment Protection Department to give a full report on why it gave permission to a company to dredge sand from the river. I won't be surprised if there is corruption within the department. Good thing too, thank you Datuk Masidi Manjun!

The sand excavation has been halted temporarily too! Yay!!!

“I have requested the district officer of Kinabatangan to suspend sand excavation work pending completion of the investigation,” he said yesterday.

Now let's just wait for the report and see what it says. =) I'm so relieved!

Shine on,

My Love-Relationship Past

alone in the dark bear love past

I have this feeling of....regret, guilt and a bit of sadness, deep, rooted inside my soul ever since I was 15 years old. Everytime I think about it, I feel all of those mixed emotions rush into my veins and shiver with anxiety and insecure, sort of.

I was having a crush on this one guy from another school last time. He came into our group of study (out of school hours of course) and he was like, so cute and adorable with his non-stop talking and impressing me every second with his wits. I was in an all-girls school since primary, so having a boy near me for more than 20 minutes was a huge thing and I get all excited about it. Having him in the group was like, magic, like he was the clown and did all sorts of tricks.

So yeah I began to grow affection towards this guy, day by day, everytime I see him. At some point I just felt like hugging him, he was such a cuddly bear!

So here goes the story...one day he was like, talking to me via writings on a paper. We were having maths and our teacher didn't want noise. We wrote by using pencils. Then it went from normal arithmetic questions to suddenly;

Boy: I love your comb. (
gives the paper to girl)
I always bring my Vidal Sassoon comb to the study group.
Girl: Why thank you, I love it too. (gives the paper back to boy)
Boy: (erases the word 'comb', gives it to the girl)
Girl: (happy inside, normal outside) Really?
Boy: Yes, I love you.
Girl: But my parents don't allow me to date until I'm older.
Boy: I'll wait for you.
Girl: Really?
Boy: I swear/ promise (I don't remember which one). I'll wait for you until I die.
Girl: No other girls?
Boy: No other girls, just you.
Girl: Then you have to wait. (was so silly of me to say that, why didn't I just say yes..I was an obedient child, really)
Boy: Can I kiss you?
Girl: Kiss my ass. (I don't know how on Earth I say that, adrenaline rush I guess. I felt butterflies, I was going to explode!)

To make things worse, I smiled at him. I was smiling because of the whole thing was just so big and I couldn't take it and it got me smiling, like, crush! I had a crush on him!

And there goes the story. When the study time ended, he said goodbye to me but my dad just pulled over the front gate, with him at the inner side of the gate. I was sitting near the building entrance. He even waved at me, smiling, but I didn't say anything. I wanted to reply him so badly, but I couldn't. I just let it slipped away.

Surely he thinks I was such a jerk. So just now, at about 11am, I messaged him. I told him everything. I just want to get this off my chest, this annoying, feeling of guilt and regret I've been keeping for 5 years straight. xD

I don't care how he reacts, I told him that he doesn't need to reply to it, because all I need is just to let him know the truth. I think he deserves it and will put my mind at ease. Seriously. I don't know why now I wana tell him, when I can tell him ages ago. I guess I was just shy already for saying that to him, and he didn't came for study anymore after form 3. =(

Straight after I sent the message to him, I felt so light. Like I have wings now, like I can finally fly, like this burden that's been carried on my shoulders for so long has now been lifted. Syukur alhamdulillah. =)

Now what? Well...I don't know really. I saw him at a few occasions, but he didn't seem wana say hi to me or anything, like he didn't wana be nice. I kinda did the same to him before, it was because he, when I was 16, was rumoured to be a playboy and kinda played one of my friends at school. I think that was why. I'm not sure really, why we don't talk anymore. I forgot. And it sucks that I forgot, now I don't know how to be nice to him again, if I want to, and I do.

Well...any updates, I'll post it. =)

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Lost Ring by Engaged (again) Megan Fox

love couple megan fox lost ring

Megan Fox got engaged again to actor Brian Austin Green, again, but guess what? She lost the ring!

They were both at the Four Seasons Hualalai hotel on the Big Island, Hawaii when he presented her with a 2-carat diamond that they had picked out at Excalibur Estate Jewelry in Beverly Hills, Calif. Wow...and it's reported to value $60,000!!

A witness reported, "I saw her jumping up and down. Later, I saw a half dozen staff sifting through the sand." The security and maintenance staff have searched for it for several hours, but it never turn up. My god....

But nevermind Brian, you can always get her another one right? =p

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Divorce by The Brunei King on Azrinaz

divorce king brunei on azrinaz

The King of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, has divorced Azrinaz, a former Malaysian TV news journalist, in 2005. They were married for 5 years with 2 kids, his majesty's 11th child, a baby boy who came less than a year later and a daughter in 2008.

divorce king brunei on azrinaz

The Grand Chamberlain, Pengiran Haji Alauddin bin Pengiran Paduka Tuan Pengiran Haji Abu Bakar, announced the news yesterday that the Sultan had divorced Azrinaz and revoked all her royal titles. It seems that the divorce was based on special reasons. I wonder what they are..

It's such a shame, they already have two kids together man.

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Nature in Danger at Sg Kinabatangan River

nature sg kinabatangan in danger sand threat

Our Kinabatangan river is in danger! It's reportedly that barges have been taking sand from our dear river since several weeks ago!!

The chief warden of the Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project, Azri Sawang, told that he can't do anything about it. Why? Because those barges have approval letter from the State Department of Environmental Protection itself. What?? Are they insane?? How much money they took anyway? This needs explanation from the department itself or they'll have all Sabahans hating them!

To make matters worse, this digging activity has a permit to enable them to dig sand for a whole entire year!

Villagers are confused. They hear of the gorvernment wanting to save this river and all, then what is this? The Sabah Wildlife Department can't do anything about it too, since the the digging has the approval.

No no. This can't be left unsaid, no action taken. Somebody do something please! Save those suffering animals!

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Cute Moment at Tg Aru Beach

love cute moment at tg aru beach sabah

I went to have dinner with my guy just now at First Beach Tg Aru I just discovered that it has three restaurants when I googled for it!

Back to the story, I ordered keropok lekor only, since mom told me she'll buy KFC for dinner. That's the reason we were there- LEKOR. xD He ordered Penang Kway Teow and a large avocado juice.

Lekor was good, I ordered from the one that sells lekor in packets that. RM1 for 6 pieces. I got RM5 and it wasn't enough. But when I saw the avocado juice, terus tidak jadi. It was huge!! The largest plastic mug I've ever seen! It's like, the height of a human forearm and it's width is humongous! Like, a mee soup bowl's width! I swear!

The penang kway teow wasn't spicy, it was served with a prawn paste, which, went devil-liciously (this word just popped in my head as I type) good with the lekor! The kway teow had oysters too, prawns were here and there, nice nice. RM6 well-served. The avocado was RM10, which is expensive in my opinion. But it tasted more like avocado ONLY, rather than avocado with condensed milk. Ok la...

Here's the thing I wana tell! I found out something very cute about my guy just now, as we were eating. ^^ He said to me, "Okay let's finish this juice now, no tapau2 (take away) it. Kalau nda, kita nda dapat kawin tu." (if not, we won't be able to get married in the future) Den I was like, "Eeeeleh main begitu dia." (*teasing, so that's how you play it.) He was like, "of course, everytime I'm doing something, I'd tell to myself, say, the gym. I wana do 5 reps on lifting weight, and I'll tell to myself that if I don't do it, I won't be able to marry you. I always do it, while working, while doing my chores..and I always get it done alas." There went his cute smile.

I was touched. So touched! I fell for him allover again . Like, I'm the reason he keeps on moving, I'm the reason he's still breathing, he's still going to the gym, working, etc. xD

I love him..

That's all for now, till next post! Have a good night everybody!

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Tg Aru Beach Sabah has 3 Restaurants!

Just now I had dinner with my other half at Tg. Aru beach. =) I didn't expect to see first beach Tg. Aru's website you know. xD And guess what, I didn't even know there are 3 restaurants! xD My God how ignorant I am. I mean, I don't see sigboards, stating that they exist, you know??

tg aru beach sabah food has 3 restaurants

Seriously, I thought the place (the restaurants upfront) are expensive and seafood with all the the high class stuff, but no! First Beach Cafe's menu isn't so 'scary'! They have local food too, such as nasi lemak, mee mamak, singapore fried meehoon, western food and a whole lot of appetizers, soups, snacks, burgers, pizza, desert, pasta, alcoholic drinks, normal drinks like coffee, iced lemon tea and juices and shakes! How cool is that?! To think that I just simply walk past these place everytime! xD I know, for those who've been there and ate there, you'll think I'm so sakai. xD

tg aru beach sabah food has 3 restaurants
Next is Tanjung Aru Seafood Restaurang. So the stage that faces the sea is theirs..=p Okay their menu lives up to it's name- all seafood!

tg aru beach sabah food has 3 restaurants

The third one is The Mediterranean Bar & Restaurant. Nice name. This one looks more executive and polished. I think, based on their promotion (which was valid till the year 2008), they serve everything, western and local food. Their menu page isn't viewable.

So...yeah, I'm still shocked to learn these are restaurants, like, official ones, with logos and even a website! How come?? I mean..uh...you get the point. Pretty embarrassed to learn this too, like, hellooo, kau orang KK tapi ndatau pasal ni?? Haiyaa....apa mcm ni...I hope I'd be able to digest this info when tomorrow comes... xD

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Breakfast Juice: Banana with Brown Sugar and Oatmeal

My morning breakfast today was only juice. I can just skip it but I saw all the fruits on the table counter, I just couldn't help my fingers! xD

breakfast with juice banana brown sugar and quaker oatmeal

There were only bananas, jambu air, tomatoes, green pepper and cherry tomatoes. Well...obviously I can't take green peppers...god knows what it will turn out to. =p

I took 2 bananas, 4 jambu air's and half of the tomatoe. Cherry ones is too cute to be crushed and blended! xD Dang mom finished those mangoes! If not it would be soooo nice and thicker!

breakfast with juice banana brown sugar and quaker oatmeal

Tadaaaaaaa! The color's pretty pale, mebe cuz of the overdose of jambu air. =p

Tastes pretty good! Banana with 60% of the jambu air. I didn't put too many water, just about 1 tablespoon, cuz I know the jambu air has a lot of water. =)

breakfast with juice banana brown sugar and quaker oatmeal

I sprinkled brown sugar and some Quaker oatmeal. It didn't turn...I mean, the juice didn't solidify, like yogurt + a bit sticky together, in texture. It was okay, thick and that's just how I like my juice! =)

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AF8 Student Was Possessed

possessed af8 student

The students' previous home during the competition back at Shah Alam, Selangor is haunted!

Mingguan mStar succeeded on cracking this story up last night!

It seems that one of the student, Dayang Nor Anum Ahrun atau Anum was the victim. It was on this one night where she was sick and she asked another colleague, Adira, to accompany her to the toilet as she was about to throw up. It was then Anum got possessed and started to laugh and scream with this manly voice, agressively.

possessed af8 student

Other fellow male participants of AF8 was also called to help with the situation, Daus and Shahir. They all with the other production crew read 'surah Yassin' for about one to two hours.

Details are here.

The ex-academy principle, Norman Abdul Halim, told that Astro had held 'majlis doa selamat' and 'tahlil' beforehand. That's weird. Maybe the 'thing' came after that?
Whatever reason it may be, I'm sure all of the students are relieved that they're finally out now. xD

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Above & Beyond in Freedom 360!

above & beyond freedom 360

Freedom is having an event across 6 locations in the peninsular and was set to begin on 21 May until 12 June.

The first 5 events will feature local and international acts that includes Karpe DM (PHD) from Australia, DJ Chris Cutz from US and DJ E-Turn from Taiwan. The finale would be on Above & Beyond

above & beyond freedom 360

Johor Bahru: JB Discovery
Fri, 21 May
Free admission

Melaka: PURE BAR
Fri, 4 June
Free admission

Sat, 5 June
* Cover charge applicable after 11pm for those without the Freddom Express Lane Pass

Fri, 11 June
Free admission

Penang: FAME
Sat, 12 June
Free admission

Fri, 18 June
Ticket charges apply

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