Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Story of Amazing Mother Animals
Another cute stories from Peoplepets!

story mother dog amazing animal
A dog feeds a cub! At Siberia's Royev Ruchey Zoo, a 2-day-old lion cub was adopted by a mutt after its mom died during delivery. (poor thing!) The surrogate sniffed it, licked its head and fed the baby before putting it to bed with its two tiny new puppy siblings. Awwww....wonder what will the baby cub be called? ^^

story mother chicken puppy amazing animal cute
When an injury forced Mabel the hen inside her home for the winter, she took to raising four Jack Russell terrier puppies —with their mom around! "She climbed on top of them," the animals' owner told "She went all broody."

story mother dog amazing animal cute
A mixed-breed dog from a local farm became a mommy soon after two panda cubs were rejected by their own mother after giving birth in Taiyuan Zoo, China. Guess it's the sudden labour that made her like that.

story mother dog amazing animal squirrel cute
Gail Latta's pooch saved three baby squirrels by becoming their mother when the tree they were living in was trimmed.

story mother dog amazing animal cute
Hamburg, Germany; A dog named Laska made it her mission to clean and warm two tiny wild boar babies whom were found abandoned by hikers walking in nearby forests.

story mother dog amazing animal cute
A big applause for this mother! Being a resident of the Cango Wildlife Reserve in Oudsthoorn, yellow Lab Lisha has been a surrogate to more than 30 orphaned animals over the years, ranging from a porcupine to a pygmy hippo! Her latest charges? Three orphaned tiger cubs, rejected by their mother. "If Lisha sees an animal being brought back in a box, she automatically assumes that it is to be cared for," shares Nadine Hall, her ownder.

story mother dog amazing animal cute kitten
When mama cat Velvet was killed by a car near her home in Washington, her owners's daughter's Australian shepherd, Lakota, cleaned and cared for them until they were adopted.

story mother dog amazing animal cute
Rhodesian ridgeback Katjinga bonded with this 2-week-old piglet right away. They're compatible so much that Katjinga even began lactating again and fed her hungry charge.

story mother dog amazing animal cute ktiten
German shepherd Luka gladly stepped up as surrogate mom (p/s: she has never been a mom before!) to six 5-week-old kittens after their mom was killed tragically in a brushfire.

story mother dog amazing animal cute
Pup Tinkerbell was at an animal hospital giving birth when a man walked in with three orphaned kittens. Lucky them, Tinkerbell accepted them!

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