Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review: Pristine Crunchy Muesli with Yogurt (Yogood)
Hey all! Last....2-3 weeks I think, I went to Labuan to send off my brother to matrix. Aaaand guess what I found there?? Snickers!!! xD I ate 3 at first. THE WHOLE THING! xD

And guess what else I found there?? Do you remember my review on Yogood Gourmet Muesli in Cran&Berries? I wasn't really happy with it, right, due to the un-crunchiness of it.

review pristine muesli yogurt yogood

I found the exact thing I want at Utama Jaya Superstore, Labuan! Wohoo! I was so happy I jumped! xD I bought the Yogood Crunchy Muesli with Yogurt.

Crunchy muesli with freeze dried strawberries, sultanas, hazelnut pieces and creamy yoghurt powder.

review pristine muesli yogurt yogood
It has yogurt!

review pristine muesli yogurt yogood
"You're just too good to be true...can't take my eyes off feel like heaven to taste..I wana eat so bad..." xD

This product is halal, that's why I was looking high and low for this...since last year. xD

review pristine muesli yogurt yogood
The box has 6 packs of the cereal. Pretty little of htem I must say. The mug I was using was like, 1/6 full only.

review pristine muesli yogurt yogood

review pristine muesli yogurt yogood
Lookie! Half of a strawberry! Each of the packets has the same amount of raisin and such, so no worries. =)

The taste is delicious! So many sweet chewy stuff- strawberries, raisins. Together with the wheat, oat, bran, it makes everything nice! I love the crunchy-NESS..I used Soyfresh in chocolate flavour together with Nn Fibre Plus (psst, it's orange flavour!), tasted better! ^^

Tip: I put in my orange fiber+brown rice powder all the time with my cereals. I tried putting apple cider (organic one), and it tasted even better! Apple cider is actually very sour, but it somehow tasted sweet! I don't know why! xD

Between lunch-dinner-breakfast, anytime, I feel hungry, I eat this without putting milk or anything- straight from the packet itself to my mouth (Snip a bit of the edge, just small enough for my mouth). It tasted just as good!

review pristine muesli yogurt yogood
Here's the nutritional information. The fibre's good, eat two packs of it, you get enough fibre for the day.

review pristine muesli yogurt yogood

The distributor of South Easy Asia is Shyan Trading.

First I searched for Yogood in Malaysia and found Cumi & Ciki and emailed her about it. She forwarded my email straight to Mr Jeremy Ng, the General Manager of Shyan Trading itself. Wow. ^^

I must say, his customer service skills are very good and he's a very nice person. Most people, from west Malaysia that I had contacted, wasn't really engaging and unresponsive, impatient and what not. This one, the company's lucky to have him. He even suggested me some more products to try. =)

Shine on,


  1. Hi, may I know where it is sold in KK?

  2. Hi there Yen! You can try looking at Inanam there (I forgot what that superstore called) I think it's Bestmart, near the Pasar Inanam there. Yeah, if it's still there.


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