Saturday, May 29, 2010

Review Movie: Prince of Persia (the Sands of Time)
review movie prince of persia the sands of time 2010

I watched Prince of Persia (the Sands of Time) last Friday! I watched it at Suria Sabah and it was my first time there. =) A great experience really.

The movie was set very much like The Scorpion King or The Mummy films. =p An old arabic-middle eastern time.

The movie depicts a young boy who grew up in the hands of a King who was betrayed by his own uncle (the King's brother). His other Prince siblings didn't believed him and both are dead in the end. Along the journey, there was this beautiful and young, Princess Tamina. She ended dead in the end but the whole movie is about a knife with ancient gravings that can turn back time. The prince did it and everything went back to before everything started. He succeeded in stopping his cruel and evil uncle and alas, ended up with the princess still. =) I just love happy endings.

The movie is somewhat hilarious all the way, I love the whole story and I never guessed the bad one was the uncle, till the middle part of the movie. =)

review movie prince of persia the sands of time 2010

I love the Princess Tamina's costumes man...wish I can find it here in KK. >.< or maybe I can make my own? *wink wink* ^^

Action was there, swords and blood and snakes from Hassansin (nice name by the way, I mean for the character- kills people), sexy persian ladies, the effects, made it awesome.

I didn't buy the part where young Prince Dastan helped his friend, Bis, from being captured by the King's army at the beginning of the movie. The part where he did some gymnastics with the wooden poles and the part where he jumped from one roof to the other. It was obvious- the whole thing was different from the other scenes, the look, the texture.

Wana play a game of it? Go here! It has this great rpg story, with sound effects as well! Very engaging and you get to battle too! No need downloads, you play it right on the website itself.

Oh's gona be Kaamatan soon, so Happy Kaamatan people! Going to KDCA? I think I'll make it on Monday, tomorrow ada orang kawin lagi... >.<

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