Monday, May 3, 2010

May Event: Sabah Tourism
may event from sabah tourism kadazan wedding fishing tournament sabah fest 2010

Kadazan Wedding Ceremony Display - 15 May 2010
Have the chance to witness a traditional Kadazan wedding with ceremonies such as the Miohon Pinisi, the exchange of vows by the couple which will be done by the traditional bobohizan (high priestess) and the rest of the wedding ceremony rites.

Sabah International Fishing Tournament- 28-30 May 2010
Sabah waters have some of the best sites for the challenge and excitement of game fishing. The tournament not only promotes the sport, but also hopes to encourage preservation, conservation and protection of rich marine resources from exploitation.

Sabah Fest
Wana see some cultural shows in Sabah? See here! I can't wait for the Tadau Kaamatan Celebrations – Grand Finale, will Papar win again? =) You can also see full-activities here. Enjoy May!!

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