Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good, Great Conversation Starter
An Australian girl recently asked for help in the Yahoo Answers site. I helped her and she gave me 4/5 rating. =)

Here's what I said,

"How's the food? I hear they make it different today"
"Can you please pass me the book next to you?"
"Do you know where will the venue for _______show/event be?"
"Excuse me, I can't help but to notice. Where did you get that cool cap? My brother's been dying for one"
"Hey aren't you same class with ____?" (can be friend/relative)
You both having coffee, you approach him, "Hi, do you want some sugar with that?"
"May I sit here? Everywhere else seems full"

There are loads more to start a conversation. Keep an eye on him, see what he does, then you'll get an idea how to approach him. Good luck.

She replied, ""OMG thank you so much I will definetly try one of those!"

I feel great and happy that somebody appreciates and feels what I said was helpful. =)

It's not that hard to start, you just need to observe and get your brain to work a lil bit. =)

Shine on,

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