Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reason for Kim Kardashian's Break Up
reason kim kardashian break up with reggie bush is kanye west 2010

I take back what I said about Reggie about his break up with Kim Kardashian at about 24th March 2010. It seems that the REAL REASON of the break up was of Kim's own fault! Or so it seems, according to ShowbizSpy. Can't believe this, if it's true! By the way, Kim looks just like her mom in the picture above right? ^^

Reggie was actually, nearly, proposed to Kim, but then he found some shocking evidence that Kardashian had been cheating on him with Kanye West! My god!

“According to an EXTREMELY RELIABLE insider, Reggie and Kim were on the road to getting married. Reggie even went so far as buying her a ring, and was waiting for the right time and place to pop the question.

“Well one day, Reggie was using Kim’s laptop when all of a sudden some IMs came over . . . from Kanye WEST!!!. And Reggie played it cool and answered them like he was Kim. And come to find out that Kanye and Kim were GETTING IT POPPIN for many months – ALL BEHIND REGGIE’S BACK!!

” Reggie confronted Kim about the text messages, and she ADMITTED to having the affair. Once Reggie heard that . . . he LEFT HER AZZ!!!”

So much for backing up for Kim last time. 3 years of together-ness down the drain!

But of course, I found this article that Kim denies all the above matter. Well..I'm not gona take sides anymore dear Kimmy! Can't tell which is true anymore!

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