Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mosquito Bit Me!!
Few weeks ago, Rozsall Academy was loaded with mosquitoes. Guess it's the heat that caused it. And some bit my legs. And worse, they got swollen and water oozed out from them. And the horror began..

mosquito bite

mosquito bite

These are on my left foot. The top part of it.

mosquito bite

And this is on my right foot.

They oozed water for weeks and started to accumulate at the punctured skin. And boy how it HELL! I had to restrain my hand from scratching and all I can do was just pressing it with my nails.

Then, the one on the right foot healed fine, the swelling subsided and the skin healed, leaving scar.

The one on my left foot however, the accumulated water stayed, removed and appear again, but the skin around it healed. Which means, the wound will forever be like that. I had to poke the surrounding skin (seriously) to make it heal.

Good news is, the platelets have done a great job and the bad news is, I have 1 more additional scar. xD

Shine on,


  1. omg~ sampai mcm 2 lagi 2 kena gigit...

  2. Yes...actually, I had this before, time form 5...only on my right foot. Now left foot pun kena, ngam la 1 pair suda kena gigit. xD

  3. yeap. The one on my betis not so ketara the scar, but the one on my left foot...
    my god. Kau tengo dari jauh pun bole nampak suda tu.


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