Friday, April 2, 2010

Diner Dash Endless Shift: I got Top Score on All Stages!
Hi guys! I wana show you guys my game on Diner Dash! I've successfully completed it and I am so proud of myself! Why?

diner dash expert

I got all stages with expert score!! Before that, I was puzzled on how to get the expert score, some stages, seemed IMPOSSIBLE for me! I didn't know that you can get chain action by giving the bill to the customer only, not double clicking. Cuz before, I always double click when the customer asks for the bill to get rid of them fast, but little did I know that I can actually get chain action by giving bills too! All thanks to for the tips!! Thank you so much! I couldn't have done it without the article. (I can't find the author's name!) I got over 100,000 money at the last stage (expert score was only 60,000). xD

It's all about understanding the customers and the chain actions. Take orders, give food, give bills and clean dishes. Simple as that. But remember, you'll cancel the chain action if you do something else other than the main thing you do that I said (take orders, give food, give bills and clean dishes). The side actions such as giving snacks or drinks will also cancel out the chain action. So careful on this one.

diner dash
Above is my score, 476,915! Well yeah, I played before, that was when I didn't know about the bill and clean the dish thingy.

diner dash endless shift
Here's my score for the Endless Shift game! It was so crazy! Customers got more and more impatient as the time went! 1 second late, they'll leave!

If you've got any question just comment on this post and I'll help you ASAP~!

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  1. for hometown hero endless i got 101 tables and a score of 68160. is this a good score?


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