Cute Animal for March from People Pets!

April 03, 2010

I present you the cutest cats, kittens, dogs and puppies for March PeoplePets contest!

cute animal march 2010

Bailey won 3,157 votes!!

cute animal march 2010

Tank and Soloman scored 4,110 Click the Cutest votes! (Yi? Why do they get second place? They got more votes right?)

cute animal march 2010

Boo won 2,588 votes!

cute animal march 2010

Emmy the dog, won 3,134 votes!

cute animal march 2010

From rags to Cutest of the Cute! Highway Girl was found over a year ago as a puppy, wandering around an Arkansas highway in front of traffic. Since being rescued, she's found a new home, and 2,625 loving fans!

cute animal march 2010

Shiloh is a Merlaquline Great Dane, with her pink eyes, pink nose...and even pink paws! She's got 6,576 votes!

cute animal march 2010

These two good friends, Hatch and Stella scored 2,781 of your votes this month.

cute animal march 2010

4,612 votes for Lucky!

cute animal march 2010id=

Maggie got 3,635 votes!

cute animal march 2010

Gizmo reminds me of Oreo! He got 2,456 votes!

Shine on,

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