Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hot Spring KK Family Trip
Last Saturday, my family and I went to the Poring Hot Spring, Ranau. Dad suddenly told us to pack our bags and go there the night before Saturday. I on the other hand, had to go to the academy. Just to finish up my work. So there I went and we went off at about 5.30pm. Dad changed the car tyres first. =p Like baru saja he change them, guess the car memang travel a lot la. =p

kinabalu national park
There's this nice place for food, between Kota Kinabalu and Kundasang. Panataran, such a nice place, conveniently located just at the front of the Kinabalu National Park. So seeing english people, korean, japanese here is common. Food is a variety! Western, they have sandwiches (no toast, too bad), grilled chicken, lambs, fish and chips, pasta and fries in the snack section. Others, expect mixed veggie, sweet and sour, mushroom chicken and mamak style cooking. Not feeling it? There's soup for you! Price is affordable, for food, expect RM5++ (western can be a lot more) and drinks, well, the usual price you find in KK. The employees there aren't so professional and try not to come during peak hours- our last visit there (coming back to KK), we had to wait exactly 40 minutes to have our food to come, that is AFTER my dad and mom start asking about it in a stern manner. And the waiter was nice enough to reply back, saying that the cook is cooking the same dishes first. And we didn't see anything like that coming. Parking is spacious and nicely renovated. This shop closes at 7.30pm.

Okay skip everything to the poring. We usually go for the other pool where we have to pay the same amount of entrance fee- Adult= RM3, Child= RM1 (non-malaysians pay different amount). It's lesser people there where you may not find pilaks or bunch of teens with jeans. Note: MAY not. xD

hot spring kk
I kNNNNNnnnow~ There was one of the staff for Orang Kuat Sabah! Gee he's very big man. Like a balloon! At this time, dad was teaching the boys. I? Well..I can't swim. So I was under the bridge until about 30 minutes before we leave the pool. Kesian kan? xD

hot spring kk
I was stunned to see this- Mom was the one who took it and I think she took a great shot!! xD

family poring
Dad showering after his approximately 2-hour bath. He got slimmer oh!

By the way...the water..was TOTALLY DIRTY!! I mean, I can see black dirt, scraps of leaves and such in the water! ALL OVER the pool! Imagine! I would've took a picture of the water but well, busy trying to float myself. xD

The water was seriously cold, like freezing cold, your teeth will chatter and your body shake if you feel the cold wind above the water. So i practically dip myself sampai my head. Bwahaha!

I'm going to learn how to swim from now on, seriously. I can't keep on hiding myself- poor me. >.< On the way home, I took some pictures at a spot. =) mount kinabalu
It was gona be dusk when we arrived at the spot.

mount kinabalu
It must be nice to be living in that house..

mount kinabalu
Wish I live here. Look at those clouds!

mount kinabalu
So many cars upfront~ ^^

Shine on,


  1. wah~ bestnya del~ the whole family went for a trip. i wanna go poring o but then my dad...*sigh

  2. Sioook lenn, panas2 ni p sana skrg, siok2! Siok aku rasa kalau ada rumah dekat2 sana tu, kalau panas sini tanah, naik gunung! =)

    aa wat's with ur dad?

  3. yerrr~

    my dad pemalas ba. aish...

  4. u shud push him! my parents needs pushes sometimes u know.


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