Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sad Valentine Gift..
I can't make the darn initials on the blankie! Why? It's not that I can't sew, no NOOOO, god forbid. I think it's not becasue of that la. It's the thread. I thought of threads that is used for making pictures, the bigger, thicker thread. Then I like, "Oooh ya kaaan!" Haiyaa..dat means I gotta get it..but where? God knows la. I'll start asking shops tomorrow. Ini la ni last minute. Harap2 sempat for Valentines...

Oh and today teacher and I went to City Mall to buy scary CD and Gabriel (her bb~) new shoes for Chinese New Year! She RM130 oh on 2 shoes. One Emilio Valentino, one is...something, sports brand. Uiyooo...sure her mom tegur dat. =P

Denise is still away..wish my parents just be like her in-laws, go holiday even if it's school time. Tapi..I think it's better if I don't. I can do my work. My portfolio...all those Knowledge Requirements..=P

Oh and you know what? I don't play facebook games anymore! Yes I do! I block all invites that I got for games! Jahat oh me kan, people need help from me, I reject, even block them all! xD goes to my good study and my good night sleep tonight. Nite2 glami's! I just feel like calling you that..hope you don't mind. =P

Shine on,

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