Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Dreamt of the Norwegian Cruise!!
I dreamt real strange....it's 11 am now and I'm not sure if I dreamt it in the morning or night or dawn.

I dreamt that I went to a holiday trip with my Convent schoolmates. I remember Setphanie Ho Mei Ling, cuz she was with a friend of hers that isn't from Convent. We rent a real nice car, it was convertible. And real long, like limousin. It was a black one.

We went through this road in the city, the road was like Kundasang-Ranau's, but the buildings were modern. Glass windows, tall buildings..left and right of us. And until it was nightime, nobody was left on the street. We went to this blocks of white building which looked lilke flats, like people live there but there were shops underneath and several more on the first and second floor of it, still open.

Then all of the sudden,we were on this deck by the sea and there were bad ghosts wana attack us. We were...like 15 of us and the ghosts were about the same amount. Some of us plunged upfront and counterattack the bad ghost at the front deck (has stairs). I was at the back, and then there was this one female ghost behind me. She look like one of the anime characters, yellow hair, big eyes and rounded face. I gave her 1 slice of pink guava and then I chased her down the back stairs of the deck, asking for it back. I don't know why. Then she stopped at the first fleet of stairs and turned around and said,"Okay we can share the guava, make a juice out of it". Then I turned back and head upstairs, "What can that little piece of guava do for us? It won't even make one." Weird huh?

Then my big brother (Koko) came and fought the ghosts at the back. They look small like gnomes and they wore this armour suits from ancient times..like the ones we see in rpg games. The above is something like what I dreamt, only that the part that can be opened at the eye is down at the mouth part.

Then my dad was beside me. I held out a map of the place. Like we were trying to get to somewhere up the hill and we need to cross the river using the Norwegian Cruise ship (I have no idea why I said that), hike up hill using I don't-don't-know-what and after we reach the higher part of the hill, walk upfront straight to...I forgot.

Then that was it. I woke up. The end. Weird huh?

Shine on,


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