Register Public Bank Online Banking Tutorial

January 02, 2010

register public bank online banking
I want to share with you all the steps on applying for the Public Bank Online Banking.

1. Go to a Public Bank branch (I went to the Gaya Street's branch). I was in there for like, 5 minutes only!

You'll be asked to fill in a form for the application. Bring your i/c and your Public Bank Card. I brought my Public Bank Visa Electron card.

2. You'll be given a paper with tearable sides, left and right. The paper contains a log in username and password. Don't take it if the sides were teared or it has any signs of it has been opened before you do. You have 7 days to do this task (log into your account with the given password in the paper). Failure to do so will result in you doing step one over again. xD

3. I requested during the day, the guy said to wait till 7pm then only I use the online banking service.

4. I signed in with the given details. Remember, NEVER sign in by clicking a link or from the email you opened. TYPE it, don't be lazy. It's either, or

register public bank online banking
5. Here's the 'sign up' page. Fill it up.

register public bank online banking
6. This popped up when I clicked 'Submit'. It's a warning on scams and there's a link on Security Tips.

register public bank online banking
7. Always remember to clear your cache, history, etc.

There you go, you can now check your accounts online!

Shine on,

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  1. i just got my new ID and password.
    when should i make my first log in? after 7pm?

  2. Hey there! Well, I was told to sign in for the first time after 7pm..don't know if it applies to everybody or not...congrats on having it already!

  3. Admin, hello! here are having problems with your site. malware warning Write me. icq 989567856647

  4. in this day and age, who on earth still uses icq lol

  5. I am so glad you post this, these steps really helps.

  6. I cannot online pblic bank because i forggot my id and cani use atm to change my id and pswd..

  7. In my mobile cannot open the ( page

  8. Admin, can I use the old I'd when I change a new card?

  9. Blh sy dptkan user id sy Dan passwd sy yg hilang tak


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