Friday, January 8, 2010

How to Change Title Tag
Hi all..I want to share another great Blogger tips! Before this post, I did a post on How to Add Read More to Blogger. And now another great tip- How to Change Title Tag!

change title tag
What is Post Title? It's the title of you post! And do you notice that your blog's title is always first before your post title at the top part of your browser.

Do you know that if you reverse the oder- [Blog Title] : [Post Title] to [Post Title] : [Blog Title], search engines will find your blog more often. Why? It's because search engines (yahoo, google, bing, msn, etc) read sources's post title from left to right.

That means that, let's say, "Glamiva Lamar Odom's Ex-Girlfriend, Liza Morales' Feedback on The Wedding". Search engines will find Glamiva (blog title) first instead of the post title. They won't know what is Glamiva, what is that gotta do with what users are looking for on the web. But if you reverse the order, it'll be "Lamar Odom's Ex-Girlfriend, Liza Morales' Feedback on The Wedding Glamiva". Search engines will find your post and maybe, I hope, we all hope, the ranking would be higher.

I'm not really good yet at this SEO thingy, but if I said anything wrong, just comment here.

So how do you reverse the order?

1. Go to Layout, Edit HTML.

2. Find this code:

3. Replace it with the code below.

4. You're done! Check out your new...err...reversed titles! Wohoo! xD

Thank you so much Arvind Gupta for your article!


  1. Here's the link for the article;


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