Sunday, January 10, 2010

Amazing Animal Stories and Pictures
Hi everybody! How was your day today? I went out to the Sebor Warehouse Sale at Kolombong (dekat rumah je~) just now. Wow I thought it was a WAREHOUSE SALE, tau-tau it was something like 2nd Borneo International Trade Fair or My Career Education & Entrepreneur Fair 2009. Where got sale! Dumb title they gave to the banner it is.

Back to the story I want to share with you guys, I got a newsletter from and I need to share this with you guys! Really, it's so amazing and some, are weird! And some are people's amazing experience with animals. Enjoy all 10 of them!

cute animal images

This China kitten, sprouted wing-shaped appendages on both sides of his spine when he turned 1 year old. Wow! Kitty with cute ! =3

 cute animal images
I introduce to you the two of a kind, Zonkeys! Nah, they are actually donkeys dyed using hair dye and masking tape. Why? Gaza City zoo can't afford to have zebras. My god. Wonder what PETA has to say about this.

cute animal images
A Michigan woman accidentally knocked her 5-month old Sheltie puppy to death (poor pup)! But good news, the puppy came back to life after several minutes a neighbour gave him CPR. =P

cute horse
Ever heard of tigers allergic to meat? No I don't- I hope will never, but this one is true- A horse allergic to grass! This 5-year-old mare is able to live a normal life by (a mare is a female horse age 4 and above, Filly is a female horse age 3 and below) wearing polyester wrap on her legs, blanket, hood and mask, 15 allergic pills and a special mix of sugar beet chaff and soya oil for food. Wow. Pity her man, I'm a horse in the chinese zodiac, FYI. =P

cute chihuahua amazing animal stories
This Chihuahua Tinkerbell was blown away during a Michigan storm and was found (frightened) in a field a half-mile away by a pet psychic! Wow! First time I hear of pet psychic..

cute animal images
This vixen (female fox) stole 120 shoes in Germany! Officials found her den and found all the shoes intact and so result in their owners got them back. Does she hibernate or something?? Wonder what happened to her after that?

cute cocker spaniel
This 1-week-old Cocker Spaniel was flushed down the toilet by his 4-year-old owner in attempt to bathe him. Poor guy. Luckily, he was found alive at about 20 yards away! He's so cute in this pic! I'm sure this one of the Top Ten Best Family Dogs are as cute as those in Amazingly CUTE Cats..once Alone and Astray.

cute animal images
Bambi and Cute of Quezon City, Philippines are called by the locals, "dog-kangaroos" or as I just called them, Dogaroo's xD! Like you guessed why, they don't have their front paws ! Street vendor, Lope Tulipas owns them! They do look cute don't they?

cute ugly animal images
A BBC television crew found this new species of giant rat (about a cat's size) in the deep jungle of Papua, New Guinea. The animal, measures 32 inches long and 3.3 lbs weight, was named Bosavi wooly rat! But, seriously, what happens if it meets a female mate and they have babies???? Total world domination by rats in 2020! xD

cute animal images
An Australian family (Sydney) who was selling Chihuhua puppies was taken by surprise when a potential buyer pointed a gun at a puppy (I think) in their home. She crazy or what??

children, you may read on. Don't cry ya

Luckily, they were able to restrain her until police arrived and the puppy was unharmed ! Thank god.

So how was it? I hope you enjoyed them!

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