Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tweezers: My Favourite Brand!
qvs favourite tweezer review

I want to share you guys my favourite tweezer! It's the QVS Astro Tweezer! I got to know about it from Marianne, my colleague. She was telling us (her classmates) about how amazing it is and how it doesn't get rusty. So I bought it! And never looked for tweezer ever again! My it's so expensive on the net, I bought it at Watsons Centre Point (Damai punya didn't have any QVS tweezer anymore) for about RM10 only!

There are 3 types, one is a pointed edge (great for gripping lashes during eyelash extension, but I never seen this one!), square edge and slant edge. I bought the square one before but it got lost. =P

The square one is more supportive, like, you won't use much energy while using it than the slant one. But, the slant one is best to use for removing hairs! Yes, for tweezing! I can easily pull out the ingrown hairs with this for it's end is pointed. =) Eyebrow tweezing is much easier as it's already slanted and you don't need to place your arms at an angle (like if you use the square one) to start tweezing.

qvs favourite tweezer review

This tweezer never rusts (made from 100% steel!! It's so far the best tweezer I know and it is a money-well-spent item! Cuz if you buy a cheap, apa lagi thick-pointed tweezer, which when you start using it, you'll only get hurt and can't pull out hairs, you'll throw it and buy another tweezer, waste of money. Go straight to the best of the best and never regret!

qvs favourite tweezer review

Here's the back of the tweezer's packaging. It can be cut at the top and you can reuse the package to store your tweezer! How thoughtful of them!

Here's what the back of the tweezer pack says..

There is no right or wrong tweezer. Whether you select slant, square or point tip, satin, mirror polished, black or gold electro finish, it is simply a matter of personal preference and what works best for you.

As a general guide to help with your selection:

Slant tip- the perfect 'all-rounder'. A great general purpose tweezer that offers a slightly tighter grip than a square and more precision than a square tip.

Square tip- provides a firm grip and is especially good for coarse and stubborn hairs.

Point tip- particularly good to target individual hairs in dense patches, or for the delicate removal of ingrown hairs and splinters.

All our tweezers are hand crafted from premium quality stainless steel for longevity and have ground tips, able to grab the finest of hairs without testing your patience.
Do you own this too? Do you have any other tweezers of your choice? Spill it out and share with us all!

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