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Melle Beauty Ambulung (Rumbia) Soap Review
reviews skin care melle beauty ambulung rumbia soap

I bought something from my shopping trip at Wawasan Plaza, Kota Kinabalu on 30th August 2009. I was intrigued by the brochure I was given by their flyer girls at Warisan Square before that. So I've decided to buy it (sold for RM48.80 aa), note that my cleanser have also run out ngam ngam. =P It is manufactured in Lok Kawi, distributed from Wawasan Plaza.

reviews skin care melle beauty ambulung rumbia soap

Here's the flyer. I was given (again) after purchasing the soap. Here it reads..

reviews skin care melle beauty ambulung rumbia soap

Ambulong Soap (what's with the Manglish?) adalah produk kecantikan yang dibuat dari ekstrak rumbia yang melalui kajian makmal bagi menghasilkan formulasi yang sempurna untuk kecantikan dan sesuai bagi semua jenis kulit.

• Melembap, melembut dan menyegarkan kulit.
• Mencerahkan kulit yang kusam.
• Memudarkan bekas jerawat.
• Meratakan warna kulit.
• Boleh menyelesaikan masalah jerawat dan parut jerawat.
• Boleh mengatasi masalah jeragat.
• Mempu mengencang dan mengurangkan kedutan.

reviews skin care melle beauty ambulung rumbia soap

Triethanolamine, aqua, stearic acid, glycerine, cocus nucifera, cocamide dea, citric acid, herbal extract, vitamin E, edta (what is edta? Sounds like EDP or EDT. Tee-hee). No colorant, no fragrance.

reviews skin care melle beauty ambulung rumbia soap

Menyejukkan dan mencerahkan kulit wajah secara semulajadi. Gunakan 2 kali sehari.

The girl who sold it to us told to use it like cleanser, wet it, lather onto the skin and massage it thoroughly. And if you're getting blemishes, don't worry, it's normal and it will go away. "Memang macam tu," she said. Okay, I thought.

reviews skin care melle beauty ambulung rumbia soap
Here's how it is from the packaging. Wrapped up. Very hygiene!

reviews skin care melle beauty ambulung rumbia soap
I cut the soap vertically and use the smaller piece at a time. Cuz the girl said the soap kinda kembang if left too long in wet area. So I got my tupperware bowl and put the soap in!

The lather is thick but disappears quickly when applied onto the skin. Either it evaporates or seep into the skin, I don't know la. My face didn't feel any tightening or itchiing after washing, like normal. It doesn't have a strong smell, like those medicated ones, only it has milder, less pungent smell. And it's like the rumbia's smell I think.

reviews skin care melle beauty ambulung rumbia soap
The first few weeks I can already see zits popping out from new places across my face. Like, 3-6 of them. And when it pops, it comes back again. I was like, believing what the girl said and just continued with the soap until it was finished, like, about 3 months la I used the soap.

The result? My face got more zits than before I used it. It's not like, the whole zits appear at a time, they switches and like I said, I get new zits popping on areas of my face. I regret buying the soap man.

Wasn't worth the money even. Priced at nearly RM50 for a soap that won't do me any good. I won't buy it again and I won't recommend it to anybody. Na ah.

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  1. Hi,nice comment. From the data i got, only fewer buyer have the issue. Fyi, they have improved the formulation. Because i did my FYP in my university in analyse their physical,chemical,clinical properties with other product as well.(bar soap type). It is safe for skin.
    You should buy Mellebeauty latest product. Now with pearl secret. and the price is RM 17.90 only. Can stand around 3 months per bar. ;) Have a try ;)

  2. You must have some close relation with Mellebeauty reading your comment. Thanks for telling!


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