Saturday, December 26, 2009

Facebook Sperminator: Dominic Baronet Impregnates 12 Women
Whoever heard of such thing??? Brittany, a good friend of mine, posted about this on her blog and boy was I so....


I couldn't believe it! This British man, Dominic Baronet has been making women and teens (I'm afraid) pregnant for YEARS. Thanks to him, five women are now mothers to his children, another five had abortions and two are expecting. (the article was posted on Nov 11 2009)

One of his victims, Kerry Martin, 24, was impregnated at the same night as another woman, Stacy Jones (shocking: 24 years old) had.

I was looking for his facebook profile, but I don't dare to post the url here as I'm scared that I might get the wrong guy. But hey, I've found a Fan Page of his! This is certain as he posted stuff like, "Wellcome to my official page! I love sex!:)" and "Next time I will use condom, this is a promise! A kiss for all my fans!". Confirm la kan?

Gila ka??? Sot ni orang! Bagus buang p laut jauh2! No use to the world! And I'm shocked to see him having 694 fans. Period. My god the world's goin crazier and crazier!!

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  2. Thank you Marlow! U've got nice pictures on blog too!

  3. Excellent artcile, but it would be better if in future you can share more about this subject. Keep rocking.


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