Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Terms and Conditions
Delilah Owns Glamiva

First of all, I don't collaborate with anybody on producing this blog, thus making me the sole owner of Glamiva.blogspot.com ©. If any of you people want to make money from any part of my site and claim it's yours, DON'T. You and I both know it's wrong and unethical and I can sure you for that.

I'm A Good Blogger

Glamiva.blogspot.com site uses, with backlinks, documents belonging to other sites, for example some pictures and texts. These documents remain their source, who hold the copyrights. If I haven't done this, please contact me and I'll get to it in no time.

For strictly non-profit-making use, I authorize:
You to copy or reproduce for personal use ONLY.
Write reviews and short quotations for the purpose of examples and illustrations, provided that the source- Glamiva.blogspot.com are clearly mentioned.

Reviews Policy
All the reviews that I have in my blog are purely based on my own judgement and no advertising or acting in behalf for any other third parties, unless stated at the top of the post.

My Bodyguard

Glamiva.blogspot.com uses Copyscape.com for monitoring the web for copycats and protection against plagiarism.

Copyright infringing sites will be denounced to their hosting providers and exposed to immediate shutting down. You've been warned.

If you have any other inquiries, you can contact me at email me.

Thank you.

Shine on,


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