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The Comedy Club KL "November Show" - Eccentriolicious
For those who doesn't know about The Comedy Club KL, it brings International stand-up comedy LIVE in KL featuring the world's best comedians from all around the globe -Australia, UK, US, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and Asia. So, If you're looking for out-loud laughs, find it in The Comedy Club KL in Velvet Underground, Zouk KL!

They're live only for 2 nights a month so be sure you get tickets to the FUNNIEST show in KL!

The Comedy Club KL's November Line Up is going to be a hit! 3 professional, insanely hilarious comedians, Akmal Saleh (AUS), Chris Mccausland (UK) and of course, our very own Harith Iskandar (MY)! I wonder why his name is spelled Iskander? Is it Iskandar in English?
Andrew Netto will be the host of this event.
Originally from Egypt, Akmal Saleh has toured nationally with Jimeoin, Ben Elton, Steady Eddy, The Amazing Jonathon, the Umbilical Brothers and has supported Steven Wright on two of his Australian tours.

This radio host touches on the issues such as Jesus, September 11 and hysterical looks at modern day life in Australia for jokes. Here are some what media personnels have to say about him!

The Egyptian - born Saleh has a quick wit and extremely warm persona on stage, his informal banter with the audience makes you feel immediately at ease.

Saleh's acutely observed look at life in the low-income, new Australian bracket was a hilarious delight, charmed the socks off the crowd.
Held in high esteem by the national media and recognisable from Paramount’s most recent series of The Comedy Store, award-winning comedian Chris McCausland performs both nationally at all of the country’s major comedy clubs, including The Comedy Store and Jongleurs, and internationally as far afield as Europe and Asia.

And now he's here in Malaysia!

Chris is the only professional comedian in the UK and hs iz blind. This only serves to make his particular brand of observational comedy all the more unique as he chooses to talk about his disability only moderately; instead, priding himself on the variety and originality of his material.

He has a wit so dry he’d make Death Valley look positively verdant. He has an engaging personality that never threatens us and makes the humour a delight to listen to and finally he has the greatest gift any comedian can have: timing. He delivers his punchlines with all the precision of a Stealth Bomber… McCausland is the genuine article, a comedian with a true talent!”
The Edinburgh Guide

“McCausland proves that funny is funny whether you can see it or not”
The Guardian
And lastly, Harith Iskandar is generally acknowledged as Malaysia’s premier stand-up comedian. For more than 10 years, he has performed ‘live’ at countless events with thousands of Malaysians and foreigners with his unique and original material. His comedy performance is in great demand and any company function is never complete without Harith inevitably bringing the house down with his side-splitting performances.

Apart from being the country’s No.1 comedian, Harith is also an accomplished, award winning film director, actor and writer.

The dates would be on the 18th till 21st November 2009:
18 November 2009
Venue : PJ Live Arts @ Jaya One
Show Time : 8.30pm-11.00pm
Get your tickets online or directly at PJLA's Office from 9AM - 5PM (Mon-Fri).

19 & 20 November 2009
Venue : Velvet Underground, Zouk Kuala Lumpur
Show Time : 8.30pm-11.00pm
Get your tickets online or at Zouk's Office from 10AM - 7PM (Mon-Fri).

21 November 2009 ( Special Show )
Venue : Borneo Baruk Club, Jln. Kia Peng
Show Time : 8.30pm-11.00pm
Get your tickets online or directly at Borneo.

Tickets for each shows are RM60 each.

Check out their facebook page and RSVP!

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