Sunday, November 1, 2009

AVG Free Latest 9.0 Version and Toolbar
Hi guys! Del's here and I'm gona share with you guys on

I did a scan on my laptop last night and I saw this under the notifications bar. So I clicked on it and my Internet Explorer poped out.

avg free latest 9.0 version toolbar

I was brought to their website, on the upgrade page.

It looks like all AVG 8.5 products will expire, so you have to download and install the new 9.0 version. You can pick, there are three packages, Free, (starts from) $34.99 and (starts from $54.99).

Of course, the more you pay, the better protection you get. But I download the free one only la, free versions works okay for me as I have other softwares too. =)

After picking your pick, go to the end of the page and you can see Download button under each packages. Click the Download button under the package that you want. You'll be brought to a new tab.
Click on the Download Now button.

avg free latest 9.0 version toolbar

And you'll be directed to another tab, in my case, I was directed to, the AVG's partner download server.

Click Download Now button.
Watch out for this, it may appear on top of the window. It's just the computer protecting you from downloading rubbish form sites that wana cause you harm. So click on it and click Download.
avg free latest 9.0 version toolbar

Your download will begin in a moment. If it doesn't, click here to try again. Still having trouble? Visit the Download Help Center. Then a pop up will appear and click Save.
Wait it out~
When it's done, open the file. This will pop out. Pick your language. Then click Next.

Begin your installation~ I just selected the basic free protection. Click Next.

Wait it out. It was quite long, say 15 minutes.
Click I have read the licence agreement, Accept.
Choose which feature you want.

avg free latest 9.0 version toolbar

Activate your AVG free licence. Click Next.
You can choose to install the AVG toolbar, I don't know about this but I think it's better to have it, you know. Click Next. And you'll be asked to close anything but the AVG window, this includes your internet browser.

Installation will be about 5 minutes. Then click Agree to the Policy (I think this is optional) and put in your email if you would like to receive updates from AVG. Click Finish.

You'll be needed to restart your computer. It's either now or later whenever you can.

Click Restart and when you do, your internet browser will pop out and show a page saying that the AVG Security Toolbar has successfully been installed.

Whew! Took me hours to do this post. Ah well, Malaysia boleh, Sabah pun bole ba. xD So you guys who has the old version, quick get this new version ya! Take care and I'll see you soon!

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