As an ISTJ-A with a strong penchant for cakes, beaches and cats, I play Debussy to keep me zen.

Balancing between personal and business, I presently work as an Executive Assistant to the Group CEO of a multinational consortium right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Backed with years of experience working with the startup industry, multinational corporations and government agencies, I developed strong Corporate Administration skills whilst practising agile and being data-driven.

Coming from a humble background, I found solace in giving back to the community as a way of paying it forward by dividing my spare time with volunteer work.

Glamiva is the place for me to express my passion and knowledge sharing and I’m happy to spread message of positivity to as many people as possible.


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Assist with Audit, manage your claims and receipts, record sales transactions on accounting softwares i.e Quickbooks, Xero

Calendar Management

Manage your calendar, schedule appointments, email liaisons, make reservations and travel planning

Social Media

Setup social media accounts, attend to enquiries, content creation, content planning and posting

Grant Applications

Malaysian grants such as MDEC’s SME Digitalisation and Cradle Fund’s CIP grants. Have secured over RM1.5mil worth of grants as of year 2020.

Your Paperwork

Meeting minutes, letter drafting, agreements, presentation slides, RFP, proposals, etc.


Anything else such as staff payroll and statutory contributions, or matters with the bank, tax office, insurance, immigration, customs, etc.

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Tune Store 1 Borneo Hypermall On Sale

I just got an sms from Tune Store that the Tune Store Extravaganza Sale is on! It will be until 30th November 2009 at their place in One Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu of course.

Discount up to 80% storewide and customers can get a RM10 gift voucher for every RM120 spent!

Toyogo offers FLAT PRICE items in during their Toyogo Household Fair every Friday to Sunday until 30th November 2009 (extended).

There will also be a Home Furnishing Fair at the Lower Ground (LG) Centre Atrium now until 21 November 2009. The website stated a different date, 19th November. Kinda confusing..well I guess we all have to be there by 19th to be safe.

Wana contact them? Customer careline is at +6088 488606 or +6088 488008 (the number 6 in front of the numbers is only for those who live outside of Malaysia). Or email at customerservice@tunestore.com.my .

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The Comedy Club KL "November Show" - Eccentriolicious

For those who doesn't know about The Comedy Club KL, it brings International stand-up comedy LIVE in KL featuring the world's best comedians from all around the globe -Australia, UK, US, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and Asia. So, If you're looking for out-loud laughs, find it in The Comedy Club KL in Velvet Underground, Zouk KL!

They're live only for 2 nights a month so be sure you get tickets to the FUNNIEST show in KL!

The Comedy Club KL's November Line Up is going to be a hit! 3 professional, insanely hilarious comedians, Akmal Saleh (AUS), Chris Mccausland (UK) and of course, our very own Harith Iskandar (MY)! I wonder why his name is spelled Iskander? Is it Iskandar in English?
Andrew Netto will be the host of this event.
Originally from Egypt, Akmal Saleh has toured nationally with Jimeoin, Ben Elton, Steady Eddy, The Amazing Jonathon, the Umbilical Brothers and has supported Steven Wright on two of his Australian tours.

This radio host touches on the issues such as Jesus, September 11 and hysterical looks at modern day life in Australia for jokes. Here are some what media personnels have to say about him!

The Egyptian - born Saleh has a quick wit and extremely warm persona on stage, his informal banter with the audience makes you feel immediately at ease.

Saleh's acutely observed look at life in the low-income, new Australian bracket was a hilarious delight, charmed the socks off the crowd.
Held in high esteem by the national media and recognisable from Paramount’s most recent series of The Comedy Store, award-winning comedian Chris McCausland performs both nationally at all of the country’s major comedy clubs, including The Comedy Store and Jongleurs, and internationally as far afield as Europe and Asia.

And now he's here in Malaysia!

Chris is the only professional comedian in the UK and hs iz blind. This only serves to make his particular brand of observational comedy all the more unique as he chooses to talk about his disability only moderately; instead, priding himself on the variety and originality of his material.

He has a wit so dry he’d make Death Valley look positively verdant. He has an engaging personality that never threatens us and makes the humour a delight to listen to and finally he has the greatest gift any comedian can have: timing. He delivers his punchlines with all the precision of a Stealth Bomber… McCausland is the genuine article, a comedian with a true talent!”
The Edinburgh Guide

“McCausland proves that funny is funny whether you can see it or not”
The Guardian
And lastly, Harith Iskandar is generally acknowledged as Malaysia’s premier stand-up comedian. For more than 10 years, he has performed ‘live’ at countless events with thousands of Malaysians and foreigners with his unique and original material. His comedy performance is in great demand and any company function is never complete without Harith inevitably bringing the house down with his side-splitting performances.

Apart from being the country’s No.1 comedian, Harith is also an accomplished, award winning film director, actor and writer.

The dates would be on the 18th till 21st November 2009:
18 November 2009
Venue : PJ Live Arts @ Jaya One
Show Time : 8.30pm-11.00pm
Get your tickets online or directly at PJLA's Office from 9AM - 5PM (Mon-Fri).

19 & 20 November 2009
Venue : Velvet Underground, Zouk Kuala Lumpur
Show Time : 8.30pm-11.00pm
Get your tickets online or at Zouk's Office from 10AM - 7PM (Mon-Fri).

21 November 2009 ( Special Show )
Venue : Borneo Baruk Club, Jln. Kia Peng
Show Time : 8.30pm-11.00pm
Get your tickets online or directly at Borneo.

Tickets for each shows are RM60 each.

Check out their facebook page and RSVP!

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Miss Reef 2010 Calendar Has Arrived!

Hey people! Cold month's kicking in and despite the cold coming, Swell is now selling Miss Reef Calender for year 2010! It's all about babes and swimsuits and well, beaches!

If you're wondering whether or not your boyfriend/friend/brother/creepy uncle/non-HR co-worker...wants one of these for the Holidays, stop thinking. He does. We promise. It's back; the legendary Miss Reef Calendar has returned in all of its bronzed and scantily clad glory. Reef.
This product is sold at $10.00 and you can contact their customer service by their email.

Shot on location in North Eastern Brazil, The 2010 Miss Reef Calendar is the first year in a series of five, which will explore different countries throughout South America.

Reef Latin American Marketing Manager, Alejanrdo Azpiazu, notes, “To commemorate both occasions, reef has set out to do something really special. We approached this calendar with a unique concept of keeping the entire production native to Brazil. We also experimented with a new way of portraying Miss Reef, while staying true to the mysterious sensuality of her identity.”

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Cheap Pizza Hut Meal: Less than RM10!

I had half day today in the academy..terus I went to Public Bank Gaya Street branch for my PB Visa Electron Card and Maybank (Gaya Street also) for putting in money into my BSN account. Well. I still don't get on filling in the form, I needed help! Lucky the guy at the reception desk was nice, hehe.

So here's the headline story. Wana savour pizza or Pizza Hut's spaghetti but don't think it'll be as cheap as RM10 and below? I just found out today that it can! It could and it's possible! Well unless you go order additional stuff la.

Cheap for single meal (1 person) only that is, the original price is only RM7.95! But after tax and all, it's RM9 something only! Cheap huh? I went to the Beach Street punya branch (Sugar Bun, Milimewa there). And the waiter who served me was cute, like my ex. He did his job fast too! I didn't really have to wait long. So they got surprise today when I told them to keep the change. xD

That was the second time I went there, but the temperature was hot man. I mean not cold, not hot.

cheap pizza hut RM10

There are 3 meals to choose from in the Personal Set for 1 Person, Set 1 offers pizza with extra 30% cheese, Set 2 offers Spaghetti (you can choose, the one with 2 tempura's on top or sliced hot dogs) and Set 3 offers something like rice and chicken. All three sets gives you 2 breadsticks, 1 mushroom soup and 1 glass of pepsi. The mushroom soup was nice man, I can taste the mushroom! And the Breadstick, oh my lord, tuhan saja yang tau. It was hot when I ate it! Straight from the oven! Heaven! I chose Set 2 for my lunch today.
And I waited like, 5 minutes and these came one by one till then! ** I was hungry, so I ate the other breadstick with the mushroom soup (best way to go for me). The service here was waaaaaaaay better than the one in Centre Point that. Ooooh that place drives me up the wall everytime.

cheap pizza hut RM10

Looking at it now makes me hungry again man..

cheap pizza hut RM10

The bill was only RM9 something! So cheap, I thought it would be RM10 something. Mwaaahahahaha~ I wana try the new Crunchy Cheesy Bites next time!

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Dato's Michelle Yeoh Married to Jean Todt

dato' michelle yeoh marries jean todt
I saw this on the home page of MSN! Big stuff! Our Hong Kong star has finally got married!

Congratulations on their wedding! It's about time those lovebirds tie the knot!

Our Ipoh-born star married her fiance, Jean Todt last-last week (yeah 2 weeks back xD ), after Jean become the president of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). Don't know what that means but I bet it's a huge thing.

The lovebirds were engaged in year 2005 after their first encouter at a promotional event by Ferrari in Shanghai.

Shine on,

AVG Free Latest 9.0 Version and Toolbar

Hi guys! Del's here and I'm gona share with you guys on

I did a scan on my laptop last night and I saw this under the notifications bar. So I clicked on it and my Internet Explorer poped out.

avg free latest 9.0 version toolbar

I was brought to their website, on the upgrade page.

It looks like all AVG 8.5 products will expire, so you have to download and install the new 9.0 version. You can pick, there are three packages, Free, (starts from) $34.99 and (starts from $54.99).

Of course, the more you pay, the better protection you get. But I download the free one only la, free versions works okay for me as I have other softwares too. =)

After picking your pick, go to the end of the page and you can see Download button under each packages. Click the Download button under the package that you want. You'll be brought to a new tab.
Click on the Download Now button.

avg free latest 9.0 version toolbar

And you'll be directed to another tab, in my case, I was directed to download.cnet.com, the AVG's partner download server.

Click Download Now button.
Watch out for this, it may appear on top of the window. It's just the computer protecting you from downloading rubbish form sites that wana cause you harm. So click on it and click Download.
avg free latest 9.0 version toolbar

Your download will begin in a moment. If it doesn't, click here to try again. Still having trouble? Visit the Download Help Center. Then a pop up will appear and click Save.
Wait it out~
When it's done, open the file. This will pop out. Pick your language. Then click Next.

Begin your installation~ I just selected the basic free protection. Click Next.

Wait it out. It was quite long, say 15 minutes.
Click I have read the licence agreement, Accept.
Choose which feature you want.

avg free latest 9.0 version toolbar

Activate your AVG free licence. Click Next.
You can choose to install the AVG toolbar, I don't know about this but I think it's better to have it, you know. Click Next. And you'll be asked to close anything but the AVG window, this includes your internet browser.

Installation will be about 5 minutes. Then click Agree to the Policy (I think this is optional) and put in your email if you would like to receive updates from AVG. Click Finish.

You'll be needed to restart your computer. It's either now or later whenever you can.

Click Restart and when you do, your internet browser will pop out and show a page saying that the AVG Security Toolbar has successfully been installed.

Whew! Took me hours to do this post. Ah well, Malaysia boleh, Sabah pun bole ba. xD So you guys who has the old version, quick get this new version ya! Take care and I'll see you soon!

Shine on,
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