Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recent Comments for Blogger
I have the easiest way to get the Recent Comment widget (like the one I have now, on my blog here). Just put on a code and put in your url. No editing your layout, no adding any complicated codes, no converting, just copy and paste!

I got this code from MadTomato and I think, even kids can do this widget on their own! Just copy the code here, provided by MadTomato:

How did I put the code in the box? Go here.

Then look for this line, it should be at the botom part of the code;


And replace the part "YourOwnB1og.blogspot" with your page's url!

I don't know if this code widget works for other blog platforms like Wordpress or what, but you can try!

Shine on,


  1. It looks great on your lovely blog. Cheers! Have a nice day! :)

  2. Thanks! You're great at responding to replies, I like that! =)


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