Saturday, October 3, 2009

Massive Jam in Luyang-Kolombong due to Black Out
jam at luyang kota kinabalu sabah
Just now it was blackout the whole...err..Luyang-Kolombong area. The electric was out at Damai Point while I was waiting for my car. Then as I was on the way back home via the City Mall road to Taman Khidmat, I was shocked to see there was a jam from the place where the hill starts! Just a few metres away from the traffic light!

It was so jammed, the other side of the road too, was jam. And then I saw it- City Mall, black out! That was amazing, cars were going out of it and contributing more to the pack. Water was everywhere on the sides of the road on some spots and had to be careful when you pass it. Road lamps were all off, houses were in total darkness, except the ones with generators.

Then, lucky us all Kota Kinabalu people, the lights were back on just when I was at Esso there! Thank god, if not I had to wait in my uniform to bathe till the lights kick in!

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