Friday, October 2, 2009

Facebook Application Games: Yoville and Fish World Not Loading
I was introduced to these two apps by my friends who play them (credits to Denise and Kak Du!) and I love it till now! But, the past few days have been nerve-wrecking for me as the games can't be played. Before this it was okay, I could play it.

Yoville is stuck at either 35% or 75% on "connecting to server", or the screen is all white. I'll show the screenshots for this app's problem. I had problem with using facebook too as the server seemed not responding and it tool long time before I gave up and hope the next day will be okay. My browser is Internet Explorer.

facebook yoville fish world not loading
Most common problems I had when I want to launch the app is these two above. It's either the loading is stuck at 35% or 75% or error or none at all, all white screen.

This game enables you to send free gifts to your friends and invite your friends to join the game application. But, when I want to select friends on the friend's list, there were none. No names, no friends list. It was so dissappointing as I wouldn't remember who gave me those gifts and feel bad for not sending them back.

And for the Fish World application, I had these problems the same time as I had with Yoville.

The tank is already loaded and the contents. The loading was stuck at certain percentage, varying between users. I was stuck on 19% and my friends, 70%, 34%. I waited for more than 30 minutes and gave up. Everyday.

facebook yoville fish world not loading
The loading of the application stuck somewhere and didn't went up no matter how long I've waited.

For all of these problems, I tried refreshing, clearing all my history, caches, cookies, etc and go back to the page. Still, no results. It was when I downloaded and installed Mozilla Firefox (I used Internet Explorer before) that I managed to find out why.

facebook yoville fish world not loading

When there was a problem with either of the apps, Internet Explorer was either blank out or stuck but with Mozilla, when I tried opening Yoville, it showed this sleeping round figure (above) and told me that I needed Adobe Flash Player 9. Even when I tried to open Fish World, it showed this Adobe Flash Player button and linked to the download page. Oh god. Why didn't I get Mozilla earlier? All my cakes in Yoville were burnt, I couldn't get in for 3-4 days you know?

So I downloaded the installer and installed. The game was a smooth player after that, thank goodness. No more headaches, problems solved! It took faster than before and I am very pleased!

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  1. I'm playing this new facebook game, Home Inn and it kind of stuck while loading and showed the flashplayer button. I just did the same thing as I did on my post here. =D

  2. Fish World had disappeared, won't load or show application. what gives?

  3. im having exactly the same problems with internet explorer 8 and google chrome and firefox
    loads up yoville facebook then says internet explorer not responding,it has a few times loaded but very very slow,i have tried everything possible can someone help ?

  4. Have you tried what I did here in this post, both of you?

  5. I have a FishVille tank that got too many fish in it and not I can open it or do anything with it. I have tried several different browsers and none work. Does anyone have a work around for this problem. My friends can't show the tank or look at it, because it does not load. Very bad, because need to feed and sell those fish. Anybody have any ideas to solve this?

  6. Hey there, thank you for reading. I've had that problem before too, for my fishes in my Fish World were like, 8,000 of them. It's the fishes that's making the problem for they're too many and maybe the browser can't load them fast.

    I tried waiting for it and it worked, but it was like, 30 minutes. Or you can try go to a cyber cafe to open up and sell your fishes.


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