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October 13, 2009

I changed my layout recently and the layout doesn't provide a search box in the css code. So I tried adding Blogger's widget. Add a Gadget> Search Box> OK. Took so long to load man..Then I tried looking for the post I want to find, which was Raya. I know I posted one about Raya, the one I did a make up tutorial for the first day Raya 2009. I typed and it says none. So, feeling weird, I searched for it (manually) on my Blog Archieve. Turns out I did post it and I was mad. How come my post doesn't show up??

blogger search box

Took long time to load, even after everything else on my bog was loaded!

blogger search box
When I typed "Raya", it wasn't found. How come??

I tried looking for another add ons for search box over the net and found this article. It was on the 3rd result, 1st page. =)

blogger search box
Installing it was easy! Very easy, just click "Add to My Blog".

Select which blog you would like to post this widget to and the tittle for it. You can also edit it's contents (css code). Then click "Add Widget".

Then the widget is added to your page. Wala! Now it's up to you to order it wherever you want it! =)

blogger search box
The best thing about this is, when I searched for "Raya", the post DOES SHOW UP and it's in full!!! Wow! It's a great widget, really. Thanks Blogger Templates for sharing the widget!!! You saved my life!

Shine on,

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