Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tune Prepaid Visa Card No Good
tune prepaid visa card

Tune Card, I wish I never applied for one. Let me explain from the statrt.

First, I was thrilled when heard about this card. Get to buy tickes, clothes, books, anything online and you get to show off when paying with Visa at stores. (I was still young, ehem, I mean younger, whadaya think?) So I went to their website.

I filled a form to register for the card. Thinking it was soooooo easy, my mind changed after I had to endure sooo many hardships after that. I had to wait for my card for 7 days (it really came after 7 days!) at the post office.

I had to make an initial load of RM50 first before activating my card. And I did it via BSN. It's either BSN or CIMB.

Then I had to activate it with a code and my card was activated. It's PIN will be delivered 21 days after receiving the card. Well it was exactly 21 days that the code came.

So topping up was pretty hard. I had to go to either Post office (had to pay RM2 each time I top up, no matter how big I reload my account, it's for the post office's service charge). Topping up via the banks is more expensive.

As in for the online transaction view, I OBJECT! I went shopping during the day and returned home at night and checked on my account. IT WASN'T UPDATED. After 3 days then only I saw the transactions I had made. I was starting to think twice about this card.

Next is, of course I want to ask, why my transaction wasn't posted ONLINE? (Do they even know what online means? God!) Well. Nobody answered but a stupid machine programme saying they got my email and will reply asap or something like that.

I ever tried calling them(about other enquiries) with the number on their Home page, 603-2179 7333. I called and it was some stupid, rude malay guy answering the phone. I mentioned Tune Card and he said, "Mau ape?! Tiada di sini!" something like that. It sounded like he was drunk. I stated the number and he confirmed it. I was puzzled. I hung up and dialled again the number, thinking I pushed the wrong button or what. IT WAS THE SAME GUY AGAIN. My god, I hung up and several minutes later, one hand phone number SMSed me saying, "Nama kau siapa? Sedap suara kau. Leh berkenalan?" I was like, what in Lord's name I got myself into??? I ignored it. Thank god that was the end of it. Scary!

Turns out the number 603-2179 7333 was for international clients to call. Us Malaysians will no need the 603 up front. Then only I checked the Terms and regulations paper I had and found another number of theirs; 032 1797 333.

I made a terrible mistake on applying for this card. Lemme tell you why:

** Not efficient online transaction
** Bonus points? There is but NOT CLEAR. I hate this kind of thing where there's always 'fine prints on the contract'
** Hard to contact. Like my story above, I can only call or email them. And they never reply my emails (after my card activation) and calling them would be waste of money (I prefer going to their centre and ask, which, they don't have here in Kota Kinabalu)

That's just about it. I find it hard to trust this card already because of their improfesionalism and unreliability. I don't feel my money's safe with them.

So I had spent all of my money in my card and now applying for a termination. I still have RM11 something in that account, well I don't care anymore. I just want my card terminated and get over with Tune. No more ties, no more bulls.

I'll go to banks (one by one) in KK here and ask for the best account for me. I'll let you know how it went aite. =)

Shine on,


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