Friday, September 18, 2009

RHB Bank's Interest Rate is NOT Like What You See On It's Website??
Okay, here's my story of the day on opening an account that can save me LOADS! Well, yeah I want to save up and let my money generate more money for me, that's what I want. So I went through loads of the banks - (note: in alphabetical order) Affin Bank, Alliance Bank, Ambank, Bank Islam, Bank Rakyat, CIMB, Eon Bank Group, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC, Maybank, Public Bank, RHB, Standard Chartered, Takful Malaysia and United Overseas Bank. I searched through them all this morning after having my 'sahur' at approximately 5am till 9am.

rhb interest rate

So this afternoon my mom dropped me at Maybank (Gaya Street there) and I went in. Well, being absolutely no experience on being alone in a bank before, I looked for signs, boards, postings, anything that tells me first what to do. Right in front of the entrance was the reception counter, or as I call it. The lady saw me and she asked what was my intention. I told her I wanted to ask about the ASB account, something like that. She was blurred. "Oh God, how do I tell her now". I told her I want to create an account, but I want to ask questions first. As I was telling her, I played back what my mom told me "Manada orang yang pigi sama bank tanya oh, orang terus buat. Mati la juga cara kau ni lela." (yeah my nick at home is Lela) Waha! I don't care, this is MY SAVINGS, MY FUTURE wat! I don't believe if anybody but me do this before getting an account.

So I had to go to this end of the room with several FAQ counters around. There was suppose to be numbers to pick out (as the notice on the person's counter said so). But I asked the girl who came before me and she said no need. So I waited. And after she went away, some woman potong my jalan. What the??? Where are your manners?? Don't anybody in this world has it anymore?? Worse, there was this guy, who came and sat on the chair next to the lady. That means he was next to talk to the conuter pseron. I was soooooo like, soooooooooooooooo not in the mood already. BAD MOOD! I asked about the ASB acount (finally, after rudely sitting next to the man and sat near so that he will cut short on anything and be on his darn way).

He couldn't give my answers (wasted the last 20 minutes of my life) and told me to go up to the first floor. I had to take number and went to the reception again. She asked me what I want this time (haha! xD) and I told her. She asnwered everything I asked and she was being sooo efficient and professional. I like the way she work, fast and furious. Haha! Thumbs up for the lady at the reception!

rhb interest rate
Turned out that Skim Amanah Saham Bumiputera can be done at Maybank too and it has a minimum of 5% of interest rate according to the lady at the reception! WOW! It will be credited yearly and this is PERFECT for bumiputera's (mom said ASB is for helping bumiputera's) and you only need to put RM20 to start it off. Who can resist this?? Best of all, I can do all the transactions either in Maybank, the Amanah Saham buildingCIM and even the Post Office! But too bad I didn't have my birth certificate with me (it is needed for applying ASNB). Well I still have next week Wednesday till school starts anyway. =)

rhb interest rate
Then I went to RHB (just the block behind Maybank's). So near oh. Hehe. And guess what, the bank's toilet is on the first floor. Weird huh? The customers and people all were on the ground floor and the toilet's on the first floor. Haiya.

rhb interest rateHere's a screenshot of the RHB Basic Savings account's Interest rate

I had to go upstairs and asked the lady at the counter about their Basic Savings Account and was I shocked. On their website's interest's rate for Savings, the effective rates for the RHB Basic Savings Account for up to RM1,000 is 0.25%. BUT on the bank's statement, the Basic Savings account will only give 0.1% for up to RM1,000! I blinked my eyes twice and raised my brows. This can't be true! Too bad after fluttering my eyes, the number didn't turn to 0.25%. Aih. What's wrong here??

I went out right after (wanted to copy the statement, but the lady was not friendly and was..I don't know, hormonal imbalance?). I wanted to go to Standard Chartered but it was too late already man. =(

And there goes my story for the day. Whew. Resulted in poor soles but happy shopping at Familia and Just For You (in Wisma Merdeka) for birthday presents. =)

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