Monday, September 21, 2009

Organic Cupcake Onesies For Baby Gift
organic cupcake baby gift

Wonder what to give to your bestie on her baby shower or welcoming the newborn baby home? Organic Cupcake Onesies is your answer!

At first I thought they are super organic cupcakes (It's $39.95) and as i read through, it's actually clothes! Baby clothes (they call it onesies, thus, proved that I didn't know what onesie is xD), unbleached, undyed and made from super-soft 100% cotton! They are made for infants 0-6 months or up to 16 lbs and Four Organic Cupcake Onesies bears a cupcake gift tag! Why the Cupcake? It's because they are folded like cupcakes and topped with decorative element such as fruit or flower!

Don't know if it's a boy or girl? Fret no more as this gift is suitable for both gender!

The bakery box (that houses the four onesies) has reusable magnetic clasp bakery box! Reuse it and go green!

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