Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to Create Your Own Code Box (Grab My Button Box/ Blog Button) The Easy Way
Okay, I had been spending almost the whole day looking on the net on how to create this box with my blog code in it for people to copy and paste it on their websites to link me. I came to difficult, hard-to-understand terms and directions (I'm not a fan of html to be honest) and some style boxes that I don't like.

Finally I found this article. I was like, FINALLY!! Found something that's suited for html dummies like me. The code was sooo simple!! Thank you so much user Palladin for your answer there!

I'll give you step by step guide aite? To simplify my steps here that is. It's all about copy and paste and click a button only!

1. I went to my Dashboard >> Layout >> Add Gadget>> HTML/JavaScript.

2. I copied the code like the one below:

3. And paste it on the Content section. Leave this window for a while.

4. Opened another window on my browser and go to create a new blog post in your blogger. Copy and paste again the code box code in step 2.

I uploaded my blog picture (the blog picture button) to blogger - click Add Image button, next to the Add Video button on your toolbar. Here's how it looks like (the code for it will be automatically above the code box you put at step 4):

5. On the code you have (see the above code in the box) Do you notice that the url link leads to it's own url? You change it to your own website's url (the first url you see, not the second one):">

6. So it becomes like this:

7. Copy and paste the above code for your picture (step 6) in the code for the text box(step 2) at the part:

=====your code=====

8. Make sure that your button's code (step 6) is above the code box code(step 2). Click preview and you should see something like this:

9. So now go back to the Add HTML section that you added just now at step 1. Give a tittle for it, click Save.

Wait it out~

Abrakadabraaaaaa~~~~~ Pong!!!

Your own code box on your site!! Congratulations! Unfortunately this code can't be put on sidebars (see below). I was wondering if anybody has a code that fits for sidebars? Your help will be very much appreciated! Thanks!

create own code box grab my blog button

Update 14 October 2009
I've found the solution! Click here to get it! Real easy too!

Shine on,


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