As an ISTJ-A with a strong penchant for cakes, beaches and cats, I play Debussy to keep me zen.

Balancing between personal and business, I presently work as an Executive Assistant to the Group CEO of a multinational consortium right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Backed with years of experience working with the startup industry, multinational corporations and government agencies, I developed strong Corporate Administration skills whilst practising agile and being data-driven.

Coming from a humble background, I found solace in giving back to the community as a way of paying it forward by dividing my spare time with volunteer work.

Glamiva is the place for me to express my passion and knowledge sharing and I’m happy to spread message of positivity to as many people as possible.


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Manage your calendar, schedule appointments, email liaisons, make reservations and travel planning

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Setup social media accounts, attend to enquiries, content creation, content planning and posting

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Malaysian grants such as MDEC’s SME Digitalisation and Cradle Fund’s CIP grants. Have secured over RM1.5mil worth of grants as of year 2020.

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Anything else such as staff payroll and statutory contributions, or matters with the bank, tax office, insurance, immigration, customs, etc.

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Gucci Spring Summer 2010 Women's Fashion Show

Just wana show you guys what I like here. =)

gucci spring summer 2010 fashion show
I love this one! I can wear like this all day! Just not the necklace. The whole theme is perfect, white, fresh and crisp. If I wana jazz it up, just add a bright belt, necklace chains or a different bag. Wish I can have it man..

gucci spring summer 2010 fashion show
Here's a nice one. But this, in my opinion, must have the belt on. If not, the whole UMPH will be gone. The bag...a fashion show, yes, but everyday wear to office? Nope. It will be something you have to check and be gentle on not to scratch it or bruise it or something.

gucci spring summer 2010 fashion show
I can see myself wearing this to an art gallery, something artistic, a music premier, or something for casual-office look. Just pair it with a cropped cardi or if you're the Personal Assistant or receptionist for a music company, pair it with a knitted cardi. Oh that's gonna be nice, right?

These was all I liked. Others..err...

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Slim & Beauty Sabah in Sabah Trade Centre!

slim & beauty sabah in sabah trade centre 2009

People! Slim and Beauty Sabah is back and it's gonna be over today at 8pm! Oh my, sorry for late posting about this, I just found out yesterday!

I was there at 5pm something. And the booths were little. Like they used half of the space only. Which was weird. Maybe it was full and they went home already that time. There were eNoveal, wedding gowns, lingerie, wigs, Essie, oversea products, hair stuff, Domeilee Beauty Academy and nail art academy.

I'll tell you guys what I bought on my next post aite! Gotta run!

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Look What I Bought in City Mall!

Guess what's in the bag! It's going to be my guy's birthday soon and I want to buy some home stuff for him! And he's always tired of all the hard work and I'm sure he needs comfort and coziness.

I wana show you guys what I bought at City Mall today! It was after class and it was already 8pm by the time I got home. Haha! Here goes!

sale shopping pillow fleece blanket kota kinabalu sabah
Tadaaaaaaa! Let me explain these one by one!

sale shopping pillow fleece blanket kota kinabalu sabah
I bought 2 Akemi Fleece Blanket In Love blankets! One for myself (I can't resist it man) and one for my guy. =) He's gonna love it! It's soo soft like cotton and this one is gonna be easy to clean. My guy's gonna love his, his one is bigger, 150cm x 200cm. Mine's only 120cm x 150cm. I wana buy a blue one, but none, there were only reds, pinks, yellow. Mine was RM29.95 only (after 50% off, before was RM59.90) and his was RM44.95 (after 50% off, before was RM89.90).

sale shopping pillow fleece blanket kota kinabalu sabah
Another thing is that each fleece comes in a bag with something like a handle on top of it! The edges of the fleece are sewn like the middle pic and rolled like the right pic shows.

sale shopping pillow fleece blanket kota kinabalu sabah
Akemi Yippie Panel Protect Children Blanket is another fav! It's suppose to be for babies (my salesgirl said). But she took it out and showed me. This is like a blanket (a thin one, and it feels like there's sponge underneath) and it's as big as 2 average 9 year-olds. I was thinking of giving it to him to give his mattress more cushy (is there such word? But you know what I mean right?). It covers up to my neck (I'm 163cm tall). This thing is 106cm (width) x 132cm (height). This can be used for 2 babies I think, not just one. =) This was only RM15.90!

sale shopping pillow fleece blanket kota kinabalu sabah
Here's Favorita Pillow Protector! I bought it for the pillow I bought for my guy which I'm gonna show you after this item's review. It contains 2 sets of the protector and measures at 48cm x 74cm. This is RM13.90 only! RM6++ only for each protector!

sale shopping pillow fleece blanket kota kinabalu sabah
Just to show you how big it is. xD

sale shopping pillow fleece blanket kota kinabalu sabah
The protector's inside is like the one on the left. It doesn't has a zip, just 2-folds. The right picture shows the front and back's different pattern!

sale shopping pillow fleece blanket kota kinabalu sabah
And here's the pillow! Favorita Posture Pillow! It's not THAT soft and it's not THAT hard. It's okay, it's not like it won't budge when you sleep on it. It sinks and bounce back on, that's what I was looking for. And it's not expensive, only RM29.90! Here are some of the mentioned points of this pillow!

**Correct your wrong sleeping habits.
**Fully support curve of neck and shoulder during sleeping.
**With soft profile surface to provide extra massage effects.
**Maximize your sleeping comfort and greatly reduce your snoring problems.
**Enabling our tensed muscles to loosen and relax.
**Allow air circulation between your face and pillow.

Not bad for a RM30 pillow huh? xD

It's everlasting, plyurethane foam and odourless.

sale shopping pillow fleece blanket kota kinabalu sabah
This pillow's sides has this holes (the second point of the above benefits of the pillow), for massaging your neck while you're sleeping (sounds lovely for a busy day). And it's Malaysian made!

sale shopping pillow fleece blanket kota kinabalu sabah
See how big the Favorita Pillow Protector! Big enough for the Favorita Posture Pillow! Perfect!

I was thinking of making our initials on both the fleeces, to personalize it, you know. Will get working on it soon! =) His birthday is just a month's away.

So total of all stuff, was only RM134.60. If I buy it usual price, that would be RM209.50! I saved RM74.90 man! I bought these at the City Department Store at City Mall, KK. Imagine if it's sale is on Semenanjung. I bet it's lower than what I purchased! And I thought Akemi's so expensive, turns out it's not. xD

I asked the girl at the counter, the sale's gonna be till end of this month!

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It Was Lamar Odom's Idea to Wed

Okay. I take back what I said about Khloe Kardashian wanting to marry Lamar Odon. Turns out it was the other way around, according to TMZ. Wow.

And it wasn't they, HE wants the wedding before his NBA season begins.

Why the rush Lamar??

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Obama Calls Kanye a Jacka**

In case any of you don't know about this yet, Kanye West
robbed Taylor Swift's Moment during her acceptance speech for the Best Female Video award at the MTV’s VMA. Despite his apology, President Barack Obama, reported by TMZ that he called Kanye a jacka**. Wow. He's a nice person.


Here's a video of it, the TMZ's video was just an audio of it. Msn Video has audio and video of it!

The audio was recorded just before Obama went on camera to do an interview with CNBC. Before the interview began, Obama -- referring to Kanye's antics on stage -- said "I thought that was really inappropriate," then adding, "He's a jackass."

Way to go president!

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Glamiva Raya 2009 1st Day Easy Make Up Look Tutorial

Hi everyone! I wana share you guys my look for yesterday! Oh before I forgot with all the excitement, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf zahir batin, kalau ada salah silap, forgive me. Hehe..

make up hari raya 2009

I was rushing and I was thinking of something easy, natural yet there's a hint of color on my face. I was thinking of dark brown and tone it down with pink (my baju raya was pink too, so.. xD)

1. First is you wana wash your face, tone, moisturize, sunblock. Then prep your skin for the make up application (make up primer, something like that) or you can jump right on to the next step.

make up hari raya 2009
2. Foundation! I didn't need soo much product on my skin, so I just applied my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in True Beige foundation on the centre of my face (nose) and blend it outwards with my brush to just even out my skin tone and cover those minor imperfections. I avoided my eye area as I want to cover it gentler and more precision. I find it can cover 80% of my dark eye ring!

make up hari raya 2009
I use tap-swipe motion to take it out of the case and apply on my face. Then use my fingers to really blend it into my skin (the warmth from fingers will warm up the product and will blend seamlessly).

make up hari raya 2009
As for my eyes, I take my ring finger, dab it into the foundation and dab into my Za True White Two-Way Foundation in 32. This method is very good in preventing creasing! =) Then I would just dab on my eye area, beginning from my outer corner undereye area clockwise. You don't wana go anticlockwise as it will create more fine lines. After that, I powder my face lightly with the Za powder I used just now with the big make up brush.

make up hari raya 2009
This is how my eye looked after.
3. Next is eyeshadow! Like I said earlier, I was thinking of dark brown and some pink with it. Here are the products:

make up hari raya 2009
Eyeshadow brush and this four-colored eyeshadow from eNouvelle. It's RM13.90 I think and it was on sale for 50% when I bought it. =)

make up hari raya 2009
Above is the pink eyeshadow. It's Elianto Shimmer Shadow in 44 Blushing Pink. It's powder type and this will work well with the foundation I used as it will cling better to the mousse (mousse contains higher oil than powder form).

4. Then when I want to apply it, I dab it into myAnnemarie Borlind Rose Dew Facial Toner first. Any water is fine (mists, toners, sprays, fixer), as long as it's liquid and it can be used on face. Why? To make the eyeshadow last longer.

make up hari raya 2009
I put the rosewater onto my hand like above then dab the eyeshadow brush on.

5. This step, you can skip it but I just want to show you how. This is to line your eye. Same thing, grab a brush that's short and fine, use the same technique on the rosewater thingy and dab onto powder (eyeshadow is fine too) with the color of your choice. Start lining your lower lashline from outer corner and stop at the middle. You can go all the way to the inner corner but this is daytime and the color I used was dark and will look too harsh for daytime.

make up hari raya 2009
6. Eyebrows are very important like your eyes and mouth. They define your face and can either make or break your face. I used powder to fill in my brows and the brush I used was hard and has that slant on it- makes my job a lot easier. Note on black powders as they can make you look too harsh and be like on of the japanese cartoons with thick, short, black coal eyebrow. But if you must, be cautious with it and put a bit by bit at a time.

8. Blusher. I love this part and everytime I go to school, when I felt like I want a lil bit of make up, I put this on and it just lifts up my face and brings life to it. I usually smile and dab the powder on the apples of my cheek, circle motion on it, den blend it out to my temples. I like the blush to be on my apples, not all the way to my temples. But I've seen women with blushers all the way up to their temples and they looked nice as the color fades as they go higher.

9. Den lipcolor. I didn't do this yesterday cuz I know, there'll be a lot of eating and drinking as I visit homes and I don't want to bother myself to going in and out of the toilet every hour to touch up my listick. So just used my Annemarie Borlind lip balm. It's organic, so I won't be swallowing chemicals when I eat or drink with it. So I suggest all of you to use organic, because, if you rely on wiping-your-lipstick everytime before eating or drinking, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO DO SO overtime. Trust me, I wanted to do this too and before I know it, I was like, aaaah, nevermind, just this once. And it went on and on, till I bought this organic lip balm. So when you're done eating and drinking, just reapply it. Best of all, you won't need mirror to do so! xD

make up hari raya 2009
Just for this tutorial, I put on the lipgloss above. xD It's from Tama and it's a brand from Indonesia, less than RM20 I bought. Smells fruity too, like Revlon's lipglosses.

make up hari raya 2009
Selamat hari raya! Happy raya everybody!

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Organic Cupcake Onesies For Baby Gift

organic cupcake baby gift

Wonder what to give to your bestie on her baby shower or welcoming the newborn baby home? Organic Cupcake Onesies is your answer!

At first I thought they are super organic cupcakes (It's $39.95) and as i read through, it's actually clothes! Baby clothes (they call it onesies, thus, proved that I didn't know what onesie is xD), unbleached, undyed and made from super-soft 100% cotton! They are made for infants 0-6 months or up to 16 lbs and Four Organic Cupcake Onesies bears a cupcake gift tag! Why the Cupcake? It's because they are folded like cupcakes and topped with decorative element such as fruit or flower!

Don't know if it's a boy or girl? Fret no more as this gift is suitable for both gender!

The bakery box (that houses the four onesies) has reusable magnetic clasp bakery box! Reuse it and go green!

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Khloe Kardashian Plans to Wed Within 2 Weeks??

khloe kardashian wants to marry lamar odom fast
I just posted that they want to get married after only a month's dating and now they want to get married before fall starts???

"Khloe and Lamar hoping to pull together a wedding within the next two weeks so they can get married and have time for a honeymoon before Lamar has to go away for training, and the basketball season starts on this Fall," a source tells UsMagazine of Khloe Kardashian, 25, and Odom, 29."

"They haven't decided where they will say 'I Do,' but they are scouting out numerous locations, including Khloe's family home in Calabasas, Calif."

Lamar, earlier this month, gushed to UsMagazine that he was "very happy" with Khloe, adding, "Khloe is smart and beautiful and that is very hard to find."

You serious?? I don't think that's how you..say about why you pick the girl you know? I expect something like, she makes me feel...not how she looks. Maybe he'll change his answer overtime. Not that I want to ruin the excitement here or anything..I just think...you know.

khloe kardashian wants to marry lamar odom fast
According to UsMagazine, they are very romantic and was showing loads of PDA's over their time at West Hollywood's Guys and Dolls.

Well, all I can do is hope for the best for them both.

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How to Make Yahoo Safe

Okay, due to the Daniella Kamche's encounter, I got a feedback from Yahoo Customer Care. In it were some links to some articles on staying safe in yahoo.

In this case, I know already how to determine if the sender's for real or false.

Yahoo! Mail uses DomainKeys to combat phishing. Simply put, DomainKeys is a technology that helps fight against email forgery. It verifies that messages are really from the domain they claim to be from (and that they haven't been altered during the sending process). Yahoo! Mail does all the verification legwork. Look for the DomainKeys icon in messages to see if the senders have been verified.

How to look for the DomainKeys:

Open a message in Yahoo! Mail
Begin by opening a message in any of your Yahoo! Mail folders. It can be a new message or one you already opened.

Look for the DomainKeys icon
If the message has been verified through DomainKeys, you'll see a small icon of an envelope and key in the email header. This verifies that it's from the domain it claims to be from.

Another way is the certified email way. It helps you to distinguish legitimate commercial email from spam. CertifiedEmail is managed by Goodmail Systems. Check out the companies who uses CertifiedEmail.

Open a message in Yahoo! Mail
Begin by opening a message in any of your Yahoo! Mail folders. It can be a new message or one you already opened.

Look for the CertifiedEmail icon
If the message has been certified by Goodmail Systems, you'll see a small icon of an envelope and blue ribbon in the email header. This verifies that it's from the sender it claims to be from.

Note: If you don't see the icon, that doesn't necessarily mean that the sender is not who they're claiming to be. Our advice is to always be cautious when dealing with emails that pertain to information that is sensitive in nature.

This, in my opinion, isn't effective as there may be companies not registered with Certified Email. So stil, the DomainKeys is still the best way to go. Certified Email's just for confirmation like that, you know.

So remember, look for either a small icon of envelope and key or an envelope and blue ribbon on the header of the email sent.

Go here to learn nore on how to be safe and protected!

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Reply From Yahoo Customer Care on Daniella Kamche (Scammer)

update daniella kamche scammer puppy

I wrote about this person previously and info about the account that she (if she really exists) wants me to bank in for the money.

Yahoo has sent me a reply(Re: Fraud (KMM97241568V81149L0KM) -Wow so many numbers huh? Hehe:


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Mail.

In this particular case, we have taken appropriate action against the
Yahoo! account in question that was reported for fraudulent activities,
as per our Terms of Service (TOS).


You acknowledge, consent and agree that Yahoo! may access, preserve and disclose your account information and Content if required to do so by law or in a good faith belief that such access preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary to: (i) comply with legal process; (ii) enforce the TOS; (iii) respond to claims that any Content violates the rights of third parties; (iv) respond to your requests for customer service; or (v) protect the rights, property or personal safety of Yahoo!, its users and the public."

Please know that Yahoo! is unable to disclose the action taken on
another user's account with a third party. We are not able to make
exceptions to this rule. (nah it's okay. I'm fine as long as you have taken an action on that woman!)

You may also visit the site for useful tools to combat spam:



Yahoo! Customer Care


Learn on how to be safe on yahoo and avoid being tricked.

For assistance with all Yahoo! services.

Learn about Yahoo's Universal Anti-Spam Policy .

Possible consequences for going against this policy are the sender and his or her agents will be subjected to civil and criminal penalties and legal action against the scammer and the termination, without notice, of your Yahoo! ID and/or anything associated with it, including, but not limited to, email accounts, clubs, posts, home pages, and profiles.

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8-Day Old Beaten And Raped by Her Own Father

Oh my, isn't this the sickest story of the year? 18 year old Reginald Davis raped and beat his 8-day old daughter in her 15-year old mother's own house. Worse, there WAS SOMEBODY IN THE HOUSE during the crime took place. Oh my god!! This is infuriating and I get more and more angry as I watched this video!

This is form Arkansas, this story. It made headlines in EyeWitness News. The baby's skull was reported to be damaged, cracked or something. She's hospitalized currently and the news doesn't have an update on her condition. Hope she'll be better and get good parents after this. Poor girl man. What was he thinking?? He should be raped too then! See if he likes it! Hope he's locked in a cell full with gays!

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Katherine Heighl's New Baby, Naleigh

katherine heighl new baby
Naleigh, quite a catchy name ain't it? It's a nickname for Nancy Leigh combination between her moether's name (Nancy) and Heighl's sister (Margaret Leigh).

The baby is a special-needs girl from Korea and the baby is going to be 10 months at the end of this month. But, I wonder why she adopts, not having one?

Heigl's adoption plans were first reported by RadarOnline.

Heigl and husband Josh Kelley have wanted a baby for a long time, Heigl's rep said, and it took at least 6 months for the adoption process.

Heigl said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an episode to air Friday, announcing her impending adoption.

"She was actually born the day before me in November, which I thought was really serendipitous and just kind of like a sign. I realized just recently that I basically forfeited my birthday for the rest of my life."

katherine heighl new baby
Katherine's own sister, Meg Heighl is also adopted from Korea! Well whadaya know..

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Kim Kardashian As Contributing Beauty Editor for Ok! Magazine

kim kardashian as beauty editor for OK! magazine
I just found out that Kim Kardashian's gonna be Ok! Magazine's Contributing Beauty Editor, starting at this September's New York Fashion Week!

“We are proud to welcome Kim to OK!,” says Publisher Lori Burgess.

Here's what Kimmy has to say about this;

“I’m really looking forward to being a part of the team at OK!,” says Kim. “Now the types of tips I’ve given on my own blog can be seen by an even wider audience. I’ve always loved beauty, so opportunities like this and the upcoming partnership with Lighthouse feel like natural, perfect fits.”

And on her blog, shw wrote;

You don't know how excitedI am about my new venture!! As you guys know, I love to share my beauty tips with you! I get so many comments asking about products, application techniques, what looks to use to match skin tones or hair colors... and now I'm going to get to share all the secrets I've learned from my fabulous glamor squad as Contributing Beauty Editor at OK Magazine!!!!! Ahhhh!!! I start this month with New York Fashion Week and will be doing exclusive videos and columns from behind the scenes.

You have all been my biggest inspiration! Without your comments and questions I would never have even considered this a possibility and I'm thrilled to be working with OK Magazine to share my thoughts and tips with you all!!!!! Bring on NY Fashion Week! Thank you! :)

Who's not interested with a somebody like her?? She would be perfect to get a review on a product, make up tips, hair styling, holiday places, hollywood buzz and such. She's a know-it-all! I support you all the way Kim!

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Khloe Kardashian Is Getting Married!

khloe kardashian to marry lamar odom
Khloe Kardashian wants to marry her L.A. Lakers boyfriend Lamar Odom.

Their realtionship is only 1 month long and now, according to two sources the couple are currently planning their wedding, two sources confirm to PEOPLE.

Earlier this month, The Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami star's older sister Kim told PEOPLE of the couple (I thought Khloe is the eldest), "They're very, very happy. They've been together a few weeks, and are literally inseparable. Khloe thinks he's amazing and makes her laugh and smile constantly."

I didn't even know she has a boy friend already and now she's getting married. Wow. Hollywood's kinda....off?

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How to Create Your Own Code Box (Grab My Button Box/ Blog Button) The Easy Way

Okay, I had been spending almost the whole day looking on the net on how to create this box with my blog code in it for people to copy and paste it on their websites to link me. I came to difficult, hard-to-understand terms and directions (I'm not a fan of html to be honest) and some style boxes that I don't like.

Finally I found this article. I was like, FINALLY!! Found something that's suited for html dummies like me. The code was sooo simple!! Thank you so much user Palladin for your answer there!

I'll give you step by step guide aite? To simplify my steps here that is. It's all about copy and paste and click a button only!

1. I went to my Dashboard >> Layout >> Add Gadget>> HTML/JavaScript.

2. I copied the code like the one below:

3. And paste it on the Content section. Leave this window for a while.

4. Opened another window on my browser and go to create a new blog post in your blogger. Copy and paste again the code box code in step 2.

I uploaded my blog picture (the blog picture button) to blogger - click Add Image button, next to the Add Video button on your toolbar. Here's how it looks like (the code for it will be automatically above the code box you put at step 4):

5. On the code you have (see the above code in the box) Do you notice that the url link leads to it's own url? You change it to your own website's url (the first url you see, not the second one):


6. So it becomes like this:

7. Copy and paste the above code for your picture (step 6) in the code for the text box(step 2) at the part:

=====your code=====

8. Make sure that your button's code (step 6) is above the code box code(step 2). Click preview and you should see something like this:

9. So now go back to the Add HTML section that you added just now at step 1. Give a tittle for it, click Save.

Wait it out~

Abrakadabraaaaaa~~~~~ Pong!!!

Your own code box on your site!! Congratulations! Unfortunately this code can't be put on sidebars (see below). I was wondering if anybody has a code that fits for sidebars? Your help will be very much appreciated! Thanks!

create own code box grab my blog button

Update 14 October 2009
I've found the solution! Click here to get it! Real easy too!

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Protect America's Arctic and Bristol Bay by 21st September 2009!

protect america arctic and bristol bay 2009
The Bush Administration chose to move forwards with plans to lease a vast area - 78 million acres (within Beaufort and Chukchi seas, off the northern coast of Alaska) for offshore oil and gas development. The proposed new leasing was in addition to 4 million acres where leases have already been sold and the energy companies are trying to start exploration.

So what's at stake here? Arctic waters are particularly sensitive marine ecosystems. Little is known about the population, distribution and behavior of many species in these waters. High winds, powerful seas, variable ice and cold temperatures challenge offshore technologies, and there is presently no proven method for oil spill cleanup in ice-laden waters. In addition, scientific evidence shows that climate change is causing severe changes in Alaska’s arctic waters, resulting in loss of habitat for polar bears, walruses and seals, and undermining our ability to predict cumulative environmental impacts from oil and gas development.

Therefore, WWF is calling for a time-out from drilling in this region until a comprehensive plan has been prepared based on a full scientific assessment of the health, biodiversity, and functioning of these valuable and fragile arctic ecosystems.

Urge the Secretary of the Interior to protect America's Arctic by deferring oil and gas development in the Beaufort (there's Beaufort in Sabah too! xD) and Chukchi seas and providing permanent protection for Bristol Bay by sending your own form!

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3 Shocking Facts on Air in American Houses

Oh my god, I couldn't believe this. I don't think this applies to America only, all over the world if I may say.

1. New research studying household air in Arizona's homes found more than 400 chemicals ranging from pesticides to phthalates, confirming that indoor air can be heavily contaminated with pollutants. Wow.

2. Before I state it, note that young children breathes faster than adults– inhale 50% more air per pound of body weight. And here's fact number 2- The breathing zone of a baby (less than 2 feet above ground) can be more contaminated than an adults (4-6 feet) because many contaminants weigh more than air (mercury, pesticides, etc).

For this problem, I suggest having ion lamps which come in various forms such as salt lamp (nice one really), bulb and fluorescent lamps.

3. Indoor air is typically 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor and we spend about 90% of our time indoors. I just realized that there are no regulations or laws for indoor or average home. Kan?? You can start by practising healthy lifestyle at home, anywhere you are.

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RHB Bank's Interest Rate is NOT Like What You See On It's Website??

Okay, here's my story of the day on opening an account that can save me LOADS! Well, yeah I want to save up and let my money generate more money for me, that's what I want. So I went through loads of the banks - (note: in alphabetical order) Affin Bank, Alliance Bank, Ambank, Bank Islam, Bank Rakyat, CIMB, Eon Bank Group, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC, Maybank, Public Bank, RHB, Standard Chartered, Takful Malaysia and United Overseas Bank. I searched through them all this morning after having my 'sahur' at approximately 5am till 9am.

rhb interest rate

So this afternoon my mom dropped me at Maybank (Gaya Street there) and I went in. Well, being absolutely no experience on being alone in a bank before, I looked for signs, boards, postings, anything that tells me first what to do. Right in front of the entrance was the reception counter, or as I call it. The lady saw me and she asked what was my intention. I told her I wanted to ask about the ASB account, something like that. She was blurred. "Oh God, how do I tell her now". I told her I want to create an account, but I want to ask questions first. As I was telling her, I played back what my mom told me "Manada orang yang pigi sama bank tanya oh, orang terus buat. Mati la juga cara kau ni lela." (yeah my nick at home is Lela) Waha! I don't care, this is MY SAVINGS, MY FUTURE wat! I don't believe if anybody but me do this before getting an account.

So I had to go to this end of the room with several FAQ counters around. There was suppose to be numbers to pick out (as the notice on the person's counter said so). But I asked the girl who came before me and she said no need. So I waited. And after she went away, some woman potong my jalan. What the??? Where are your manners?? Don't anybody in this world has it anymore?? Worse, there was this guy, who came and sat on the chair next to the lady. That means he was next to talk to the conuter pseron. I was soooooo like, soooooooooooooooo not in the mood already. BAD MOOD! I asked about the ASB acount (finally, after rudely sitting next to the man and sat near so that he will cut short on anything and be on his darn way).

He couldn't give my answers (wasted the last 20 minutes of my life) and told me to go up to the first floor. I had to take number and went to the reception again. She asked me what I want this time (haha! xD) and I told her. She asnwered everything I asked and she was being sooo efficient and professional. I like the way she work, fast and furious. Haha! Thumbs up for the lady at the reception!

rhb interest rate
Turned out that Skim Amanah Saham Bumiputera can be done at Maybank too and it has a minimum of 5% of interest rate according to the lady at the reception! WOW! It will be credited yearly and this is PERFECT for bumiputera's (mom said ASB is for helping bumiputera's) and you only need to put RM20 to start it off. Who can resist this?? Best of all, I can do all the transactions either in Maybank, the Amanah Saham buildingCIM and even the Post Office! But too bad I didn't have my birth certificate with me (it is needed for applying ASNB). Well I still have next week Wednesday till school starts anyway. =)

rhb interest rate
Then I went to RHB (just the block behind Maybank's). So near oh. Hehe. And guess what, the bank's toilet is on the first floor. Weird huh? The customers and people all were on the ground floor and the toilet's on the first floor. Haiya.

rhb interest rateHere's a screenshot of the RHB Basic Savings account's Interest rate

I had to go upstairs and asked the lady at the counter about their Basic Savings Account and was I shocked. On their website's interest's rate for Savings, the effective rates for the RHB Basic Savings Account for up to RM1,000 is 0.25%. BUT on the bank's statement, the Basic Savings account will only give 0.1% for up to RM1,000! I blinked my eyes twice and raised my brows. This can't be true! Too bad after fluttering my eyes, the number didn't turn to 0.25%. Aih. What's wrong here??

I went out right after (wanted to copy the statement, but the lady was not friendly and was..I don't know, hormonal imbalance?). I wanted to go to Standard Chartered but it was too late already man. =(

And there goes my story for the day. Whew. Resulted in poor soles but happy shopping at Familia and Just For You (in Wisma Merdeka) for birthday presents. =)

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Tune Prepaid Visa Card No Good

tune prepaid visa card

Tune Card, I wish I never applied for one. Let me explain from the statrt.

First, I was thrilled when heard about this card. Get to buy tickes, clothes, books, anything online and you get to show off when paying with Visa at stores. (I was still young, ehem, I mean younger, whadaya think?) So I went to their website.

I filled a form to register for the card. Thinking it was soooooo easy, my mind changed after I had to endure sooo many hardships after that. I had to wait for my card for 7 days (it really came after 7 days!) at the post office.

I had to make an initial load of RM50 first before activating my card. And I did it via BSN. It's either BSN or CIMB.

Then I had to activate it with a code and my card was activated. It's PIN will be delivered 21 days after receiving the card. Well it was exactly 21 days that the code came.

So topping up was pretty hard. I had to go to either Post office (had to pay RM2 each time I top up, no matter how big I reload my account, it's for the post office's service charge). Topping up via the banks is more expensive.

As in for the online transaction view, I OBJECT! I went shopping during the day and returned home at night and checked on my account. IT WASN'T UPDATED. After 3 days then only I saw the transactions I had made. I was starting to think twice about this card.

Next is, of course I want to ask, why my transaction wasn't posted ONLINE? (Do they even know what online means? God!) Well. Nobody answered but a stupid machine programme saying they got my email and will reply asap or something like that.

I ever tried calling them(about other enquiries) with the number on their Home page, 603-2179 7333. I called and it was some stupid, rude malay guy answering the phone. I mentioned Tune Card and he said, "Mau ape?! Tiada di sini!" something like that. It sounded like he was drunk. I stated the number and he confirmed it. I was puzzled. I hung up and dialled again the number, thinking I pushed the wrong button or what. IT WAS THE SAME GUY AGAIN. My god, I hung up and several minutes later, one hand phone number SMSed me saying, "Nama kau siapa? Sedap suara kau. Leh berkenalan?" I was like, what in Lord's name I got myself into??? I ignored it. Thank god that was the end of it. Scary!

Turns out the number 603-2179 7333 was for international clients to call. Us Malaysians will no need the 603 up front. Then only I checked the Terms and regulations paper I had and found another number of theirs; 032 1797 333.

I made a terrible mistake on applying for this card. Lemme tell you why:

** Not efficient online transaction
** Bonus points? There is but NOT CLEAR. I hate this kind of thing where there's always 'fine prints on the contract'
** Hard to contact. Like my story above, I can only call or email them. And they never reply my emails (after my card activation) and calling them would be waste of money (I prefer going to their centre and ask, which, they don't have here in Kota Kinabalu)

That's just about it. I find it hard to trust this card already because of their improfesionalism and unreliability. I don't feel my money's safe with them.

So I had spent all of my money in my card and now applying for a termination. I still have RM11 something in that account, well I don't care anymore. I just want my card terminated and get over with Tune. No more ties, no more bulls.

I'll go to banks (one by one) in KK here and ask for the best account for me. I'll let you know how it went aite. =)

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Starbucks: Halal or Not?

starbucks halal or not in malaysia

I heard of this last year. I mean, it was BIG last year, people saying (including my mom hereself) that Starbucks is not halal. Something like using a lil bit of alcohol into the beverages and food they sell. It got really realistic when I start to get SMSes stating not to go to Coffee Bean and Starbucks and the haram stuff are chocolate, vanilla, coffee and rasp frap drinks. Come to think of it, what else these old time favourite cafe has to offer but those stated?? Cakes, but I myself prefer the beverages, that's why they have COFFEE on their logo, right?

Have been avoiding Starbucks ever since (starbucks fan here!). Well I never thought of Google it until last night. And presto, I found their Malaysian website. Scroll down and you'll find this;

We are certified HALAL by JAKIM.

For any matters pertaining to HALAL please write to halalenquiry@starbucks.com.my

Jan 5, 2009

And what's more, it seemed like there was another rumour about Starbucks Coffee Company and its management support Israel. Oh my god.

Guess I can enjoy my favourite brownie again. (yeah, I go there just for the brownie, nothing else. Seriously. I hate coffee and I had a bad, diarrhea experience with the banana frap before. So no more cold drink for me). Maybe I'll try something other than frap eyh? =) So to all muslims, Del says it's okay to enjoy Starbucks now!

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10 Best Family Dogs

best family dogs
Image from gotpetsonline.com

Golden Retriever is on the top! First on the chart for Top Dog Breeds for Families, Golden Retrievers are easy to train and make lovable, extremely intelligent pets that are gentle with children and friendly toward other pets. I never know that they have sweet eager-to-please personality makes them devoted to family. Awww.. Learn how to raise them, something like rules and tips for owners in the house on barking, playing and being obedient.

best family dogs
Image from http://www.picturesdepot.com/dogs/15204/beagle.html

Second comes Beagles, the number one dog topping the charts at Dog Breed Information Central. These adorable dogs are friendly and gentle, making them a good choice for a family environment.

best family dogs
Image from puppydogweb.com

At GoPetsAmerica.com, the number one dog listed as good with children is the Labrador Retriever! They're kind, outgoing, obedient, eager to please and non-aggressive towards people or animals. What's the difference between Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers? Click here to get the answer and more answers on FAQs.

Image from www.dogbreedinfo.com/

Top Dog Breeds for Families at PetPlace.com is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the number two spot. These small dogs are smart, obedient, protective, active and make a devoted family dog. They can make good watch dogs because they don't trust strangers and did I mention that they are super cute? My god I never knew a dog so cute!! For more information, click right here!

Image from www.i-love-pugs.com

At Best Family Dogs, the number three recommended dog is the pug. Pugs have a sense of humor (click here to view pictures of them!) and make great playmates for kids. These dogs are eager to please and offer their families a lot of love. Lots of em!

Image from www.breederretriever.com

Irish Setter! What a beautiful dog. NorCal Irish Setter Rescue, Inc. (California, US) is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding permanent homes, or "forever homes", for homeless or unwanted Irish Setters. Find them if you're looking for this cute dog! They look like Lassie don't they? Next in line is..~~

Image from wtf-is-with-my-life.com

Schnauzer. Aren't they cute?

Image from blogs.seattleweekly.com/

Poodle! Bear in mind they have several sizes - Standard (Grande) poodle, Medium (Moyen) poodle, Miniature (Dwarf, Nain) poodle and Toy poodle. Do you know that poodles are regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog in Wikipedia?

Image from mka.com.my/

Jack Russell Terrier, although they are playful with the kids, they are stronger and likes to explore and always up to their feet.

Image from greatdogsite.com/

Next on is Springer Spaniel, one of many spaniel breeds. They are very affectionate dogs and are outgoing and friendly.

Those are all the top 10 Best Family Dogs! Gee I wish cats get attention like these. xD

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