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Review: Vahesta Virgin Coconut Oil at Cheap!
review vahesta virgin coconut oil cheap price from sabah

I just scored the real deal of all deals in the world (I think). I got myself somebody that's from the factory itself! So it's cheaper and more accessible as it's near too! =)

They are now selling 2 kinds of bottles, the difference is only the packaging, which, the old one is the one above, the bottle is just like a regular cough medicine bottle (below). Inside is an article of the goodness of a virgin coconut oil and the benefits and direction of use in English and Malay.

The screw cap of this old packaging of the virgin oil is just like, again, the cough medicine bottle's. Just twist it to get the oil.

And here’s the new packaging. Don’t worry, it does look thinner, but the weight of these two bottles are the same, 120ml for each type of bottle. But it is more elegant and modern than the old one. However, this one doesn’t have an article in it like the old packaging has.

The screw of this bottle is like a mineral bottle’s cap. It’s round and it does function better than the old one.

Every cap of the bottles have a ‘Thank You’ little card on them. It not only makes the bottle nicer and more presentable, it seals air from coming in too!

I mentioned earlier that this oil can be obtained near my area and yes, it is from sabah! It’s a Sabah product A.K.A. Malaysian product! This logo is printed on every skin of the oil’s bottle. Even Daily Express and New Sabah Times featured about this oil!

How do we know it the oil’s from fresh and good quality coconuts?

Image from
I have read the article the manufacturer gave me and it was very handy! Raw @ good quality oils have a sweet, delicate coconut flavor and aroma. Heat-treated oils will have a slightly roasted or cooked flavor. And Virgin Coconut Oil won't be heated to extract the oil, they were extracted from grated coconut that is dried naturally under hot sun. The oil is extracted using cold press method and is pure, very clear and of high quality.

This oil is very stable – Highly saturated & extraordinarily resistant to oxidation which causes regular oils to become rancid and form toxic free radicals, unlike ordinary cooking oil. No need to refrigerate – stay fresh up to 2-3 years. Cool place last longer la. Of course, every bottle has it’s own printed manufactured date and expiry date. What’s with the expiry date?? I have asked the manufacturer and it’s because of the Malaysian law to provide an expiry date for every consumable product. Which is fair, right? Some of the methods of keeping oils that I know are store it away from sunlight (uv ray isn’t good, it will make the oil turn bad faster!), always keep the cap/lid closed tight, if can transfer the bottle to a dark, tinted glass bottle (the ones that holds skin care, like a serum or simply those dark, tinted supplement bottles) and always stay clean and hygiene while handling it.

**When heated, it’s 12x more resistant to oxidation than canola oil, 16x more resistant than soybean oil, 300x more resistant than flaxseed oil.

**The amount of oxidative damage in flaxseed oil in just 30 minutes of heat processing = coconut oil in heat processing for 150 continuous hours (6 days, 6 hours)

1. Classified as a wholesome functional food – provide health benefits above and beyond the basic nutrients & recognized by the medical community as a powerful tool against immune diseases.

2. Virgin Coconut Oil reduces risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, constipation, pimples, osteoporosis, asthma, common fever, dandruff, cough and flu, sinuses, stomach ulcer, hepatitis A,B,C , tuberculosis, measles, , teeth infection, , leukemia, psoriasis, , all skin infections, dengue, malaria, , gonorrhea, , gallbladder diseases, liver diseases, pneumonia, prostate infections, eyes infection and ears infection.

Talk about super food huh?

3. Safe to use for cooking & baking
4. Long shelf life
5. Contains no hydrogenated oil

6. Naturally free from trans-fatty acids – can cause cancer, diabetes, obesity
7. Coconut oils are high in health promoting Lauric Acid which is a medium chain fatty acid identical to the incredibly healthy group of fats found in human breast milk, easier to digest and absorbed and oxidized faster than long-chain triglycerides (LCT) and abundant in mother’s breast milk -resistant to high heat heat and antiviral.

**3 spoons of VCO fed to non-breastfed baby, would be equivalent to the amount of lauric acid consumed by breast fed babies in a day - reduce infections and respiratory diseases in infants.

8. Can be stored for 2-3 years / up to 7 without going rancid.
9.Early researched by experts had been conducted and found that virgin coconut oil is good for maintaining well being & has anti-virus and anti-bacteria properties.
10. Healthiest oil on earth.
11. Improve your energy and increases metabolism level to promote weight loss and energy levels.
12. Improve your digestion, act as a natural daily laxative to clear bowel movement and ability to absorb nutrients.
12. Promote weight loss and maintenance of your ideal weight

13. Anti-infection (virus, bacteria, fungus, yeast and protozoa).
14. Reforms and increases strength of immune system.
15. Help regulate your blood sugar and prevent and control diabetes.
16. Helps prevent osteoporosis.
17. Good for tooth and stomach ache, simply dab the oil to the painful area!
18. Regulates thyroid nerve function to prevent hormonal disorders.
19. Reduces cholesterol level.
20. Naturally high in antioxidant for healthy glowing skin and hair.
21. Helps prevent premature ageing and wrinkling of the skin.
22. Helps keep your skin (cracked lips, dry heels and elbows) smooth and soft; blemish-free
22. Natural sunblock for protection against the sun's ultra-violet rays. This means that VCO helps protect from skin cancer.
23. Make up remover. Tried and tested by I myself and it really cleaned my face well. Just need a foaming cleanser to wash down the oil. My face felt really supple and moistened after that! Serious! I swear!  The texture is thick, viscous and you can definitely tell it's original.

24. Another experience from this oil from myself is that it's a really good hair styler. I apply it before going to work and I tie my hair up by twisting it to a bun. At the end of the day I get gorgeous locks like the one above, like I had done my hair in a salon or something. And boy I was so shocked! Of course, when I wana go out, just spray a over the whole hair and I'm good to go! The spray will enforce the hold of the style!

24. Worried of putting it on your face and cause breakaouts? You should be. But I put it on my face anyways, but in super super minimum amount. Like a teardrop, shouldn't be more than that. My face feels more moisturized than usual the morning after.
25. This is a testimony from my dad himself. He took virgin coconut oil for almost a year before finding out that he has diabetes stage 2. His own doctor said that usually, people at this stage will be on bed and be vegetable but he still looks as if there's nothing wrong with him and want to take his picture. xD I think it's because of the oil.

This oil is very concentrated, you just need a small amount to apply to your hair or your body / face. So it's really cheap in the long run. Imaging how much you can save from buying those body lotions, sunscreens, moisturizers, hair protectant?

And can tell the difference of the REAL oil with the FAKE, no good oil by smelling and tasting it. Smell the sweet soft aroma of the coconut-ey aroma and you and your family will be hooked and stay healthy and young for life!

It has an expiration date. But this isn't important really, it's just a procedure by Malaysia's law for consumable products. It's the matter of how you handle and keep it, if you keep it right (avoid sunlight, keep in closed, dark cabinet, practice hygiene when handling the oil), it can last up to 7 years!! Seriously, 7 years! It's just like handling essential oils, the better the way you keep it, the longer it lasts and the quality is maintained.

I'll never look virgin coconut oil the same way I did before. =)

Shine on,


  1. i buy the old package just to try but i notice there is no expire date? could you tell me when the expire date for old package. btw i tried....not bad...still keep trying for good.

  2. Hi there, I have edited my post up here, you can see a picture the printed expiration and manufatured date on the back of the bottle.

    As you can see, the manufacturing date was on 29/7/2009. That means this oil is still new and fresh~ And i just realized this, all thanks to you. =)

    But, this is nothing to worry about really, the expiration date. Because this oil, if you can keep it correctly (avoid sunlight, use tinted bottle/glass, avoid high temp), it can last up to 7 years! Yes, 7 YEARS, no kidding! The manufacturer said that the expiration date was just a procedure, Malaysia's law requires that anything that is consumable must have expiration date on it.

    Maybe the old packaging that you bought was the older version (last year's) as I myself bought one last year and it didn't have this dates on the bottle.

    I hope this answers your question, if you have any other just comment here or email me. =)

  3. Hi, where can you get this in KK? I want it badly for going to the beach, heard it helps alot in avoiding sandflies!!

  4. Hey there! If you're interested, you can contact me. I'm selling it. =p Contact me at The more you buy, the cheaper you can get. =) Price starts at RM20 per bottle. Free shipping for kk area if you buy 2 bottles.

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