Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hair Malaysia 2009
hair malaysia 2009 kuala lumpur malaysia

Synonymous with Beauty Expo, hair professionals can look forward to the 5th Hair Malaysia Competition.

Jointly organized by Malaysian Hairdressing Association (MHA) and Interexpo (M) Sdn Bhd, Hair Malaysia is recognized as the platform to elevate the level of Malaysian hairdressing skills by giving Malaysian hairdressers an opportunity to challenge themselves to gain recognition and international exposure within the hairdressing industry.

For all professionals and aspiring hairdressers, this is a golden opportunity to give yourself due credit for your creative & technical skills and a shot at international fame! Don't leave it just like that! Prove to the world (or Malaysia at least) that you're the next IT!

The categories and themes sounds very hard man. And i like that Fantasy Open catageroy!! Wonder how it will turn out.

Submission deadline is on 12th September 2009. Just fill up the Registration Form (including authorised stamp and signature for academy/ group participation) together with a copy of ur id and the registration fee!

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