Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dove Chocolate Makes FAST Cash!
I posted a review on Dove Chocolate early this year and Carrie commented on my post. Dove Chocolate lets you have your own personalized chocolates and it comes in Chocolate Martini Mix, Cupcake Mix and Brownie Mix too!

And of course, the reason why you clicked this post is, it generates money, FAST (Dove was featured in Five Ways to Make Cash Fast - ABC News Report on GMA)

And who wouldn't come to a chocolate party? Dove Chocolate Discoveries just launched nationally last year, and as a chocolatier, as the sellers are called, you can invite friends over to indulge in -- and buy — treats — everything from candy to chocolate martinis to brownie mix.

This sounds so nice...gee I'm putting this business in my suggestions list! But I wonder if it's halal or not..Cuz I'm in Malaysia, you want something that you can sell to everybody here, not just some people right?

DOVE Chocolate Party Hostesses Can Earn Double Free Credits and Double Half Price Items in July!

Wana join?

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