Sunday, July 12, 2009

Create A New Yahoo Email with The Same Account
I wanted to create another email using my existing yahoo account for my blog here. This is to prevent my social networks (facebook, friendster, messengers,etc) being invaded with emails that I don't know (some are sexually named, mind).

So I searched using yahoo and came across this page through this. Too bad I can't have more than 2 emails for 1 account, but that's enough for the time being.

yahoo email tutorial
So all you gotta do is just put your desired name for your new email address and press Check Availability to see if it's available (can't use other people
s own email name of course, that's the point).

It seems that you can add as much as emails as you want but still using the same inbox for receiving mails and sending. Oh bugger. Looks like I have to create a new account then =) NEWSFLASH: You can't take up the same email address that you have deleted. So think before you delete your email addresses.

Shine on,


  1. waa.. sya pun dah lama guna ni function.. tapi boleh dua saja.. nak merge email ke-3 tak boleh..
    1. cara lagi. buat email di gmail. then fwd semua ke email yahoo..pastikan masuk kedalam 1 folder khas :)


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